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Carbon steel globe valve

Carbon steel globe valve


Pressure Rating:PN10,PN16

Material:Gs-c25 、SS304  SS316

Design Standard: DIN EN13709-2003

Inspection Standard:DIN EN12266:2003

Application medium:Gas

Application Temperature:-20℃-425℃

Applied projects:Petrochemical/chemical fiber textile/ plastic paper/electric power steel/printing and dyeing rubber/ natural gas and other gas systems


Product details

One of the most frequent and serious problems valves face is gland leakage, results in wasted and increased plant downtime. Apart from the high cost of energy losses, Gland leakages can also cause serious environmental, ecological and health hazards to plant workers and personnel. Leakage of sensitive material can also constitute to a fire hazard, explosion, or damage to equipment by corrosive material. Air entering the pipeline could produce inflammable explosive or poisonous mixtures. Gland packed valves often demand continual maintenance in accessibility creating particular difficulties. The bellows comply to conditions at high temperatures and are capable of withstanding over 10,000 cycles without failure.

Bellows Seal Globe Valve ls a new kind of globe valves with dual-seal. So its sealing capacity is very good. The sealing surface is bead welding with hard alloy and the stem surface is in ‘nitrogen treatment. Hence, it is the valve of attrition-resistant good anti-corrosion performance and long service life.


Project case

Pakistan Petroleum Project

Main products:

Bellows Globe Valve and fittings

Project description:

All valves and fittings were through SGS Inspection.

Client feedback:

WESDOM is a very trustworthy team, not only professional, but also caring and enthusiastic in service. If there is a demand in the future, we will choose WESDOM without hesitation.

Project pictures:


wesdom gate valve

Product packaging and transportation


Production process

During the production process, castings and cleaning, machining, epoxy coating assembly, pressure testing and storage all processes can ensure product quality.

They are used in industries including oil chemistry, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer and power generation to prevent the backward flux of the media. It is a valve that can realize the open and close according to the force of the working medium. So there is no driving method

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