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Water System

Valves in water system

Water is an important resource for human survival. Tap water, wastewater treatment, agricultural irrigation, seawater desalination, water supply system, water conservancy projects, these application scenarios involving water resources affect all aspects of our lives, and kinds of valves play important roles in these applications.

wastewater treatment
Valves for water treatment

The applications of a valve in wastewater treatment, agricultural irrigation, seawater desalination, water supply system, water conservancy projects are to direct flow, shut off water access, prevent backflow, and adjust water pressure within a system. WESDOM has rich experience in valves solution for water system, following we will introduce the main valves using in water system and how they works.

gate valve

Gate valve

Gate valve is the most widely used type of valve in water systems. It includes a wedge-shaped metal gate that can be lowered (with the use of a twist-type handle or knob) to stop the flow of water or raised to allow the flow to continue.Gate valve cannot control the water flow as they are designed to be fully opened or fully closed. If used to adjust the water flow, it can wear out the valves.

Due to the slow opening and closing of the valve, the water pressure is modified gradually, which protects the pipe from the banging sound of the water hammer. The gate inside the valve retracts entirely into the body, due to which the valve does not impede the water flow. It can open and stop water perfectly.

Butterfly valve

Butterfly valve has a rotating metal disc that allows and inhibits the water flow, creating an image similar to that of a butterfly due to which is called a butterfly valve. These valves are very compact, light, and relatively short, which making them more commonly and less expensive than ball valve. But butterfly valves work rely on a gasket which eventually needs to be replaced.

butterfly valve

Butterfly valve have multiple types, such as lug type butterfly valve, wafer type butterfly valve, flange type butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve, triple eccentric butterfly valve, etc.

ball valve

Ball valve

Ball valves are the most reliable and common type of valves used to regulate the flow of water. It involves a rotating sphere with a hole that is attached to a lever handle to operate the valve.

In the open position, the hole in the sphere is in line with the pipe, allowing the water to flow through it. When in a closed position, the hole in the sphere is perpendicular to the pipe, thus completely restricting the water flow. The lever handle also serves as an indicator of whether the valve is open or closed. When the lever is perpendicular to the pipe, the valve is closed.

Compared with other valves, they provide an excellent seal in a closed position.Ball valves are lighter and smaller than gate valves of the same size and rating. but ball valves do not permit precise flow control because they usually have positive stops (0, 45, 90 degrees).

Globe valve

The globe valve is commonly used to regulate or limit the water flow in plumbing applications, where the flow needs to be adjusted regularly.

The interior design features contain a stopper on the end of a valve stem that is raised and lowered by the valve's twist knob. Globe valves get their name due to the globe-like or ball-like appearance of their body. The globe valves are suitable for regulating flow; they are often used for outdoor faucets (hose bibs) and similar utility faucets.

globe valve

Globe valves are used in places where the flow needs to be adjusted regularly and needs not be fully open. They are easy to maintain and have effective throttling and shutoff abilities. But globe valves cannot be operated in completely open conditions since the baffle restricts the flow.

pressure relief valve

Pressure relief valve

Pressure relief valves are used in the water system to reduce water pressure to the desired limit and protect equipment or piping systems from bursting. Thus it is necessary valve for water system safety working. The pressure relief valve’s mechanism consists of a spring and diaphragm adjusted to a specific limit, depending on the pressure of the water supply.

The pressure relief valves are also known as pressure-reducing valves, pressure safety valves, and pressure balance valves. Pressure relief valves can be used in a range of services such as firefighting, high-rise buildings, water towers, drinking water applications, and water tanks.

Check valve

Check valves are regularly used to prevent backflow in the plumbing system, which can lead to cross-contamination problems between various plumbing fixtures and appliances. Backflow can occur when the pressure within a pump, sprinkler system, or water tank is lower than the pressure within the main water system. Installing a check valve can prevent this issue.

check valve

Check valve is specifically designed to allow water to flow through the inlet side of the valve. The force of the incoming water pushes open a hinged disk, ensuring that the water pressure isn’t reduced by the valve. However, the same hinged disk prevents water from flowing through the valve in the opposite direction because any force imparted on the disk simply pushes the disk closed.

Check valves are commonly used for backflow prevention in pumps, safety applications, sprinkler systems, and any other residential plumbing that may be at risk of continuous or intermittent backflow.

How to Choose the Right Valve in Water System

Valves using in water system comes in many different types and provide various functionalities, so choosing the best one may be challenging.you should not only consider its function but also consider its material, we have differdent material valves, such as cast iron valves, carbon steel valves, ductile iron valves, stainless steel valves, brass valves etc.

For more than 20 years, WESDOM Group has provided several quality valves for water system domestic and over the world, including gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, check valves, ball valves, pressure relief valves. Contact us anytime for more information about our valves or any other product we carry.

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