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Sugar Mills

Sugar Processing

Sugar processing conditions require valves capable of handling steam, caustic chemicals, dirty/viscous media, solid sugar crystals and erosive slurry found in sugar processing. wesdom valve solutions for sugar processing are manufactured to ensure high reliability, uptime, and long service life throughout the Sugar production season.

suger mills
suger mills

Our valves are designed for the entire sugar production process starting with juice extraction, filtration, clarificaiton, evaporation, crystallization, centrifuge and refining processes. wesdom valves are optomized for the entire sugar production process.

butterfly valve

Sugar Production

Wesdom’s resilient seated butterfly valve are uniquely designed and suited for reliable performance in various parts of the sugar refinery requiring ZERO leakage at high cycle services such as juice heaters, vacuum pans and centrifuges.

Wesdom high performance valve are specially designed for the Sugar Industry. These valves are structured to handle a wide range of media from slurry mud, to high temperature condensate and steam isolation & control applications. Bray Butterfly Valves ensure ZERO leakage performance, ease of field maintaince and low cost automation.

Sugar Industry

In addition to standard knife gate valve solutions Wesdom has designed unique solutions to enhance the service life of valves in tough sugar industry applications. Options include purge ports which can be used to flush media in applications such as receivers/crystallizers where the media tends to dewater, solidify or build up in the seat area.

Deflection cones on wesdom knife gate valves can be used to redirect flow of suspended solid sugar crystals away from the seat towards the center of the bore. This extends service life of the seat and gate, ensuring uninterrupted service for the sugar Industry production season.

Sugar Refining

Wesdom Series S19/S19L segmented control valves are an ideal solution for precise control and dependable on/off service in the abrasive slurry control and clean media applications in sugar procesing. Some of the key features include drive train protection to prevent ingress of media into the stem area to prevent jamming issues, seat and segment design provides self cleaning action preventing media build up in the valve internals, abrasion resistant coatings and liner to handle high velocity and highest level of abrasion in the sugar industry and on top of all these key features the valves are field maintainable with minimal spare parts.

Wesdom also manufacturs a wide array of  ball valves including 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece valves including flanged, threaded, and socket weld options for characterized control applications for water, steam and other process support in sugar processing and Sugar refining applications.

For us, product quality is as important as service efficiency and customer relationships. WESDOM offers the widest range of solutions in control system and automation for Sugar industry. We know your needs , so we will make your work easier. The control valves like pneumatic butterfly valves, pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic globe valves, regulating valves could suit your different working conditions and pipelines. When goods arrive your site, just install on pipeline, no need further to commissioning again.

Pakistan AL-MORIZE Sugar Factory

Main products: Control/On-off butterfly valves, Control globe valves, Control ball valves, Angle seat valves.

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