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CI wotlman water meter with pulse output

CI wotlman water meter with pulse output

Size: DN50-500mm

Pressure Rating: PN10/16

Material: Cast iron, Ductile iron,SS304,SS316 body can be choose

Design Standard: ISO4064

Inspection Standard: ISO4064

Application medium: Water

Application Temperature: 0.1 °C~40°C for cold water meter

Applied projects: Water Treatment


Product details

WESDOM flow meters are in high quality, from raw meter to final inspection, there is a strict quality control system. The flow maters and water meters WESDOM provide are all in high accuracy!


①Removable element structure, easy installation and maintenance;

②Dry-dial, Magnetic drive;

③Large flow capacity, small pressure loss;

④Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial keep free from condensation and keep the reading clear in a long term service;

⑤Selected high quality materials for steady and reliable characteristic;

⑥Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064/ISO9100;

⑦Product accessories include connectors, filters, connection accessories, pipe accessories, Flange, filter;

The installation of Woltman and tangential (irrigation) meters on the water pipes must be carried out considering the following precautions to guarantee their correct functioning.

Failure to observe these precautions involves, in general, rapid wear of the meter and possibly unreliable metering unreliability.

The installation of Woltman or tangential meters on the water pipes should follow the following precautions to ensure their proper functioning.

As far as possible place the meter away from frost in a sufficiently lit and easily accessible place so to ease its reading and maintenance.

① The counter should be normally placed in an horizontal position. Only Woltmann meters can be installed vertically with ascending flow or tilted without suffering any damage. NOTE: Never install the water meter in horizontal position with totalizer in upside down orientation.

②Before placing the meter in the water supply, the pipe should be well cleaned up, flushing a fair amount through it. It is possible to drain the water using a temporary stub. Generally the worst damages to the meters are due to debris left in the pipe.

③ Installation of the meters in the vicinity of pumps must be avoided. It is advisable to install the meter as far as possible from them.

④Make sure all the water supply outlets, served by the meter, sit higher than the meter itself otherwise its metering precision could be altered. the highest position of the count itself as the recording of the counter may not be reliable.

⑤To address these possibilities, simply place the meter after a ‘large upward curve that ensures always a pipe completely filled with water (Fig 1). This will prevent air bubbles that could affect the accuracy of measurement …

water meter

⑥When installing, be careful with the arrow indicating the flow of water placed on the body of the meter.

⑦In the event of devices installed upstream of the water meter (gate valves, curves, elbows, tees, reducers, …) it is recommended to follow the following points. These devices can generate flow turbulence that in the long run may damage the moving parts of the measuring instrument. The letter D indicates the nominal diameter of the water meter.

water meter



water meter


Type Size L(Length) H(Height) Connecting Flange
      D1(Outside Diameter) D2(Bolt Circle Diameter) Connecting Bolts(n-M)
LXLC-50/DE 50 200 261 165 125 4-M16
LXLC-65/DE 65 200 271 185 145 4-M16
LXLC-80/DE 80 225 279 200 160 8-M16
LXLC-100/DE 100 250 289 220 180 8-M16
LXLC-125/DE 125 250 299 250 210 8-M16
LXLC-150/DE 150 300 319 285 240 8-M20
LXLC-200/DE 200 350 346 340 295 8-M20(1.0MPa)




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Project case

Indonesia–Apartment Building Project

Main product:

Red cast iron flanged water meter, British standard, Color Customization

Project description:

The client in this case is a local business company in Indonesia. They specialize in purchasing related equipment for some local engineering projects

The reason why they cooperate with WESDOM is that they had a local customer’s engineering project.And it need to use water meter products. So,they found a commercial company to help them.

This commercial company search some reliable valve manufacturer to supply it by the Internet. And then,they found WESDOM Valve. In order to dispel his doubts, our foreign trade salesman showed the strength of the company through video connection in the communication with this business company, and sent some relevant certificates of WESDOM. These actions have left a very deep impression on this commercial company.

Finally, the client from a trading company in Indonesia also purchased a red cast iron flanged water meter from WESDOM and customized their own logo and color. After the customer receives the goods, they are satisfied with the products.

Product packaging and transportation


wesdom gate valve



Water meters, which are instruments for measuring the flow of water, mostly the cumulative flow measurement of water, are widely used in practical life, mainly in agricultural irrigation, water treatment and other working conditions.

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