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D343H Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

D343H Hard Seal Butterfly Valve


Pressure Rating: PN10, PN16, CL150, JIS 5K/10K

Material: SS304, SS316

Design Standard: EN 593, MSS SP67, API 609, BS5155

Inspection Standard: API 598, ISO 5208, EN 12266

Application medium: Water, Steam and Oil

Application Temperature:-29 °C to 425°C

Applied projects: Chemical electic power/ Textile/ Food/ Medicine/ Paper


Product details

WESDOM D343H hard seal eccentric butterfly valves with tilted disc are designed for easy operation and long service life. The disc seal is made of WESDOM’s drinking water approved EPDM rubber featuring an excellent compression set and ability to regain the original shape. The high quality epoxy coating and fully encapsulated shaft/disc connection ensure optimal corrosion protection and durability.

D343H hard seal eccentric butterfly valve description:

Flange butterfly valve, mounting between flanges PN10/PN16/A150, with gear box.

The range of WESDOM valves can be used for overground installation, in valve chambers and buried systems.butterfly valves in a range of DN 150 to 2000 mm and PN 10, 16 and 25 bar have been designed to isolate the flow of fluid in:

①Potable water supply pipelines and treatment plants.

②Transportation of filtered and recycled water.

③Irrigation distribution networks.

④Water-pumping stations and hydroelectric plants.


D343H Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

The range of WESDOM valves can be used for overground installation, in valve chambers and buried systems. It includes a full range of operating accessories and actuators.

WESDOM valves are installed all over the Asia,Africa continent, the Middle East and throughout Europe. They have justifiably acquired a faultless reputation for their durability, reliability and quality worldwide.


①Design and Manufacture Conform to EN 593, API609,  JIS

②Disc firmly fixed to the shaft to prevent fluttering and a slight tilt allows for precise adjustment of the closed position

③Disc seal profile and rubber quality ensure low closing torque

④All rubber parts drinking water approved by multiple institutes

⑤Fasteners in stainless steel, A2

⑥Stainless steel shaft

Machined and epoxy coated ductile iron seat integrated in the body

⑦All threaded connections are sealed with O-rings for protection against medium and environment

Radial bearings in self-lubricating PTFE/bronze composite

⑧Shaft ends fully encapsulated in the disc and fixed with O-ring sealed dowels held in place with a security plate. Key and keyway as backup

⑨Replaceable shaft seals with two EPDM O-rings; gaskets to the exterior in hydrocarbon resistant NBR

⑩Coated with blue RAL 5017 FBE to DIN 3476, GSK and approved by WRAS-DVGW/W270/UBA, 250µm

D343H hard seal eccentric butterfly valve characteristic:

①Body adopts integral casting technology, compact structure, small volume and light weight;

②Disc three ccentic mounting. When closed, disc expands outwards to achieve the best peripheral seal; When opened, disc and seal ring quickly separated, effectively prevent the seal ring wear;

③Sealing ring design is novel, simple and maintenance-free;

④Sealing ring form is multi-level metal hard seal,suitable for harsh working conditions;

⑤Due to the use of three eccentric structure, the operating torque is greatly reduced;

⑥The flow resistance is small, the rated flow coefficient is large, about 3 times that of the same caliber single-seat valve;

⑦Strong self-cleaning ability, long service life;

⑧Standard actuators (pneumatic piston and electric) are interchangeable.

D343H hard seal eccentric butterfly valve standard:

Body Test:  1.5 times the working pressure with water. This test is performed after valve assembly and with disc in half position open, it is called as a body hydro test.

Seat Test:  1.1 times the working pressure with water.

Special Test: On request, any other test can be carried out according to special instruction by client.

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Project case

Tanzania Water Project

Main products:

Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Pipe Fittings, etc.

Client feedback:

The customer sent us the installation pictures of the WESDOM product in the working condition project, and the feedback quality is very good, and will maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with WESDOM;

Project pictures:

Product packaging and transportation




The triple eccentric butterfly valve is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, water supply and drainage, and municipal construction and other industrial pipelines with a medium temperature of 425 ℃ or less to adjust the flow rate and load and cut off the fluid.

The maximum pressure rating of the triple eccentric butterfly valve produced by wesdom Valve can reach 2500 pounds, and the standard diameter can reach 120 inches.

The connection mode of the triple eccentric butterfly valve: the clamp, the lug, the flange, the ring connection, the butt welding, the jacket, etc. can be selected, and various structural lengths and standards can be corresponded.

The triple eccentric butterfly valve has a large choice of materials, high and low temperature, and various acids, alkalis and other corrosive media.

Which is widely used in medium temperature under 425°c of metallurgical, power, petrochmical, and municipal construction, drainage and industrial pipe, for regulating traffice and truncated fluid to use.

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