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GPRS wireless transmission

Static power: 15u

Power consumption: A60mA@RX

Control box: Unitary

Trigger mode: Touch

Reporting interval: Send data every 24h by default, 1~144 h can be set

Sending bit: 0.1m3

Power supply: 3.6VDC

Battery capacity: 19Ah/38Ah

Uplink interface: GPRS

Downlink interface: RS485/Pulse


Product details

GPRS wireless transmission:

GPRS Data Modem (GPRS RTU)6

Application scenario:

The main pipe in the water supply pipe, the pipe size is from DN15


Ultrasonic bulk size water meter (R160/R200/R250/R400), GPRS RTU, Pressure Sensor, Cloudy Platform.

Work process: solving

The ultrasonic water meter collects the flow in the pipeline, and the pressure data is uploaded to the cloud service platform through RTU.

Sudden change alarm of pressure and flow.

Software advantages:

High range ratio ultrasonic water meter, accurate measurement.

Fast feedback and accurate positioning of emergency information.

GPRS Data Modem

Installation Figure:

① Before using this water meter, the pipe must be filled with water, otherwise it will lead to inaccurate or even non-measurement.

② When installing the water meter, should be reserved length of DN*10 in front of the water meter. Or should be reserved the length of DN*5 behind the water meter.

③ The water meter shall refresh the display at every 4s, and read the water meter (including the starting value and end

value) 4s at least after the valve is closed when test the water meter, otherwise the testing results may be affected;

④ Please make sure the medium flow is within the flow range of the water meter during test and use, otherwise it may result in damage to the water meter;

⑤ In case of any malfunction (e.g. metering failed, etc.) during use, please contact the related management department immediately and do not repair it by yourself;

⑥ The product is designed with a disposable anti-disassembly seal which shall be removed only by appointed personnel, or otherwise, it shall be excluded from the free after-sales service.

S8 flange ultrasonic water meter

Project case

Ultrasonic water meters are suitable for most pipe networks and outdoor installation environments.

Due to its unique split fiberglass antenna design, data can still be uploaded stably even if it is installed in an underground well.

And due to the product’s unique fully potted design, the electronic part can effectively isolate the intrusion of moisture, thus greatly extending the product’s service life.

Product packaging and transportation




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