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Irrigation Water Meter

Removable Element Woltman Water Meter(Irrigation water meter)

Size: 50~200mm

Pressure Rating: ≤1.0Mpa (10 bar)

Material: DI/CI

Design Standard: Standards Compliance

Inspection Standard: Technical data conform to international standard lSO 4064

Application medium: Water

Application Temperature: 0.1℃~50℃ (0.1℃~90℃ for hot water meter) 

Applied projects: Water Treatment


Product details

A water meter, is the measurement of water flow meter, mostly water cumulative flow measurement, generally divided into two categories of the volumetric water meter and the velocity water meter, originated in the United Kingdom, and the development water meter has nearly two hundred years of history, the choice of water meter specifications, should first estimate the size of the flow rate and flow range used under normal circumstances, and then choose the common flow rate closest to the value of the kind of specifications of the water meter as the first choice.

Features :

(1)Removable element structure, easy installation and maintenance, register for universal use within this rangedetachable without removing the meter from the pipeline.

(2)Dry-dial, Magnetic drive sensitive action, small pressure loss.

(3)Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial keeps free from fogand Keep the reading clear in a long term service.

(4)Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable characteristics.

(5)Technical data conform to international standard lSO 4064.


Optional Features: 

(1)Plastic register, copper register and full glass register.

(2)Accuracy: R=50/80.


(4)Cold / Hot water.

(5)Reed switch option.

(6)Flange standards can be chosen.

(7)360 degree rotates can be chosen.

(8)Cast iron, ductile iron, sS304, sS316 body can be chosen.

(9)Working pressure: PN16/25.

(10)Color can be changed on the body and cover.


Working Conditions: 

(1)Water temperature: 0.1 C~40C for cold water meter.

(2)0.1C~90C for hot water meter.

(3)Water pressure: PN10/16/25.


Maximum Permissible Error: 

(1)ln the lower zone from qmin inclusive up to but excluding qt is ±5%.

(2)ln the upper zone from qt inclusive up to and including qs is ±2%(士3% for hot water meter).

water meter error

Pulse Position:

Size Liter /Pulse
DN50-65 10/100/1000L/Pulse
DN80-200 100/1000L/Pulse
DN250-300 1000L/Pulse


Type Size L(Length) H(Height) Connecting Flange
D1(Outside Diameter) D2(Bolt Circle Diameter) Connecting Bolts(n-M)
LXLC-50 50 200 261 165 125 4-M16
LXLC-65 65 200 271 185 145 4-M16
LXLC-80 80 225 279 200 160 8-M16
LXLC-100 100 250 289 220 180 8-M16
LXLC-125 125 20 299 250 210 8-M16
LXLC-150 150 300 319 285 240 8-M20
LXLC-200 200 350 346 340 295 8-M20(1.0DE)
LXLC-250 250 450 450 395(1.0MPa) 350(1.0MPa) 12-M24(1.6MPa)
405(1.6MPa) 355(1.6MPa) 12-M20(1.0MPa)
LXLC-300 300 500 478 445(1.0MPa) 400(1.0MPa) 12-M20(1.0MPa)
460(1.6MPa) 410(1.6MPa) 12-M24(1.6MPa)

Project case

Indonesia–Apartment Building Project

Main product:

Red cast iron flanged water meter, British standard, Color Customization

Project description:

The client in this case is a local business company in Indonesia. They specialize in purchasing related equipment for some local engineering projects

The reason why they cooperate with WESDOM is that they had a local customer’s engineering project.And it need to use water meter products. So,they found a commercial company to help them.

This commercial company search some reliable valve manufacturer to supply it by the Internet. And then,they found WESDOM Valve. In order to dispel his doubts, our foreign trade salesman showed the strength of the company through video connection in the communication with this business company, and sent some relevant certificates of WESDOM. These actions have left a very deep impression on this commercial company.

Finally, the client from a trading company in Indonesia also purchased a red cast iron flanged water meter from WESDOM and customized their own logo and color. After the customer receives the goods, they are satisfied with the products.

Product packaging and transportation



Water meters, which are instruments for measuring the flow of water, mostly the cumulative flow measurement of water, are widely used in practical life, mainly in agricultural irrigation, water treatment and other working conditions.

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