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LXCLG(R) Vertical removable element woltman cold (hot) water meter

LXCLG(R) Vertical removable element woltman cold (hot) water meter

Size:  DN50~300mm

Pressure Rating: ≤1.6Mpa (16 bar)

Material: DI

Design Standard: Standards Compliance

Inspection Standard:Technical data conform to international standard lSO 4064

Application medium:Water

Application Temperature:0.1 °C~40°C for cold water meter

Applied projects:Water Treatment


Product details


woltman water meter

Type Size L(Length) H(Height) Connecting Flange
D1(Outside Diameter) D2(Bolt Circle Diameter) Connecting Bolts(n-M)
LXLC-50 50 200 261 165 125 4-M16
LXLC-65 65 200 271 185 145 4-M16
LXLC-80 80 225 279 200 160 8-M16
LXLC-100 100 250 289 220 180 8-M16
LXLC-125 125 20 299 250 210 8-M16
LXLC-150 150 300 319 285 240 8-M20
LXLC-200 200 350 346 340 295 8-M20(1.0DE)
LXLC-250 250 450 450 395(1.0MPa) 350(1.0MPa) 12-M24(1.6MPa)
405(1.6MPa) 355(1.6MPa) 12-M20(1.0MPa)
LXLC-300 300 500 478 445(1.0MPa) 400(1.0MPa) 12-M20(1.0MPa)
460(1.6MPa) 410(1.6MPa) 12-M24(1.6MPa)



①Removable element structure, easy installation and maintenance, register for universal use within this range detachable without removing the meter from the pipeline.

②Dry-dial, Magnetic drive sensitive action, small pressure loss.

③Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial keeps free from fog and keeps the reading clear in a long term service.

④Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable characteristics.

⑤Technical data conform to international standard lSO 4064.



wesdom gate valve

Project case

Indonesia – Drinking Water Supply Project

WESDOM water meter is applied to Indonesia drinking water supply project.

Customers are very pleasure after receiving our products. And then establish a long-term supply cooperation relationship with us!

Main products:

Flanged Vlotman water meter.

Product packaging and transportation


wesdom gate valve



①The Operation Description of  The Two Reed Switches System

②Please see the diagram of the two reed switches system below. The two reed switches would be operated”ON”OR”OFF”respectively by the magnet fitted to the pointer orgear during its running on the register, but never”ON”at the same time, unless the out-of-magnet attackes.

③The two reed switches operate two”ON” and two”OFF” in one round of the pointer or the gear means one signal.

④Output, this principle prevents the loss or over counting of signal output due to the switches joggling or the pipe vibrating, so assures reliability of the signal output.



Water meters, which are instruments for measuring the flow of water, mostly the cumulative flow measurement of water, are widely used in practical life, mainly in agricultural irrigation, water treatment and other working conditions.

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