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MULTI-JET cold (hot) dry-dial Brass body water meter

MULTI-JET cold (hot) dry-dial Brass body water meter

Size:  15~50mm

Pressure Rating:≤1.6Mpa (16 bar)


Design Standard:Standards Compliance

Inspection Standard:Technical data conform to international standard lSO 4064

Application medium:Water

Application Temperature:0.1 °C~40°C for cold water meter

Applied projects:Water Treatment


Product details

WESDOM flow meters are in high quality, from raw meter to final inspection, there is a strict quality control system. The flow maters and water meters WESDOM provide are all in high accuracy!

brass water meter

DN (mm) 15 20 25 32 40 50 50
Size (inch) 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ 1-1/4″ 1-1/2″ 2″ 2″
Length(L) 165/190 190 260 260 300 300 280
Width (W) 99/104 98 103.5 103.5 125 125 160
Height (H) 116/121 117 124 124 162 162 187.5

Thread D

G3/4B G1B G11/4B G11/2B G2B G21/2B Flange end
Weight (kgs) 1.65 1.79 1.85 2.68 5.25 7.25  



①Magnetic Drive, Lower transmission resistance.

②Magnetic shield, for external magnetic field protection.

③Sealed dry register ensures long time clear reading.

④External regulating device.

⑤Accressories: 2pcs coupling. 2pcs coupling nuts and 2pcs washers.


Installation and maintenance: 

①In order to ensure the most accurate measurement, install at least 5 times the straight pipe section with the same section as the pipe before the inlet of the water meter, and install at least 2 times the straight pipe section above the water meter outlet.

②The connecting pipes upstream and downstream of the water meter can not shrink.

③It is recommended to install flow control equipment (such as valves) and filters.

④The water meter must be thoroughly cleaned before installation to avoid debris damage to the meter.

⑤The flow direction of the water meter should be consistent with the flow direction of the pipeline.

⑥After the installation of the water meter, slowly discharge water filled with pipes to prevent high-speed airflow from breaking the water meter.

⑦The installation position ensure that the pipe is full of water, bubbles will not be concentrated in the table, should avoid water meter installation at the highest point of the pipe.

⑧Water meters should be protected from water pressure shocks.

⑨The small diameter rotor type water meter must be installed horizontally, and the front and back or left tilt will lead to a decrease in sensitivity.

⑩Water meters are dry and wet. Wet water meter glass under the water, water vapor and other normal phenomena. Due to the old pipe, poor water quality or installed at the end of the pipe, rust pollution will affect the reading.

wesdom gate valve


Project case

Philippines Water Treatment Project

Project description

WESDOM water meter is applied to the Philippine water treatment project. WESDOM’s   considerate service and high-quality products have won highly praise from customers and established a long-term cooperative relationship with us!

Main products: LXSG DN15 cast iron & brass thread water meter;

Product packaging and transportation






①Register sealed type: Dry type; Semi-dry type; Super-dry type.

②Accuracy: R=80; 100;125;160.

③Cold / hot water.

④Non return valve.

⑤Reed switch option.

⑥Several lengths and connections available on request.

⑦Thread end type: BSP/NPT.


Water meters, which are instruments for measuring the flow of water, mostly the cumulative flow measurement of water, are widely used in practical life, mainly in agricultural irrigation, water treatment and other working conditions.

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