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Natural Gas Ball Valve

Natural Gas Ball Valve

Size: 2”~32”

Pressure Rating: PN10-PN64,150LB-600LB

Material: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel

Design Standard: API6D,API608,GB/T12237

Inspection Standard: API598,GB/T13927

Application medium: Water,Oil ,Gas

Application Temperature: -29~300℃

Applied projects: Petrochemical, Power plant, Refining, Oil & Gas, Metallurgy etc


Product details

Natural gas ball valve is suitable for medium and small diameter pipeline of various pressure, temperature and media under the control of connecting or truncating pipeline media opening and closing device; rely on media pressure to press the ball on the valve seat at the outlet end, its use of pressure and diameter of passage is limited to a certain extent, the switch is convenient and rapid.

The natural gas ball valve is packed with PTFE, the handle is operated with smooth torque, the driving method can be manual, worm wheel drive, pneumatic, electric, etc. The O-shaped sealing ring is used to prevent external impurities from entering the valve and maintain the long-term sealing performance of the valve, the ball valve larger than DN150 adopts worm wheel drive. Suitable for gas pipeline, liquefied petroleum gas pipeline, natural gas pipeline, gas pipeline and other general working media. The stainless steel valve body is also suitable for media with harsh working conditions, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, ethylene, etc.


(1)The ball valve channel is flat and smooth for easy pipeline sweep line cleaning, and can convey slurry and solid particles and other media.

(2)Using PTFE and other materials as a seal, with good lubrication and elasticity, and the ball body friction is small, long service life.

(3)Opening and closing quickly, opening and closing only requires the ball to turn 90 °.

(4)The fluid resistance of the ball valve is small, when fully open the ball channel, the valve body channel and the connected pipeline cross-sectional area is equal, and into a straight line connected, the medium flows through the ball valve, equivalent to flow through a straight section of the pipe.

Natural Gas Ball Valve

Specifications for forged steel ball valve



Pressure rating and size:

PN10 to PN160,ANSI Class150 to Class 2500,JIS 10K/20K
DN8 to DN2000
Material: Body : A105,F304(L),F316(L)
Bonnet : A105,F304(L),F316(L)
Ball : A105, SS304, SS316
Stem : 304,304(L),316(L),F51
Seat : EPDM,Metal,Viton,PTFE,NBR
Special material on request.
Operated type Pneumatic, Gear, Electric, etc.
Structure: Floating or tunnion bore
Flange connection: EN1092 & ANSI B16.5 & JIS
Type Flange RF, RTJ
Maximum working temperatures: Nitril:80°C
PTFE:150°C, Metal seat for high temperature

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Project case

Tunisian Mining Project

Main product:

900# forged steel Hydraulic ball valve

project description:

The high quality won good comments from customers!

Client feedback:

WESDOM products are of high quality, Now all products have well installed on site.

Project pictures:

Product packaging and transportation

The natural gas ball valve is packed with PTFE, the handle is operated with smooth torque, the driving method can be manual, worm wheel drive, pneumatic, electric, etc.



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