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Regulating valve globe valve

Regulating valve globe valve

Size: 1/2”-12”

Pressure Rating: PN10-PN40,150LB-300LB

Material: Carbon Steel  Stainless Steel

Design Standard: API623,ASME B16.34

Inspection Standard: API598,EN12266

Application medium: water, oil, powder

Application Temperature: 0-200℃

Applied projects: Pneumatic globe valve is widely used in natural gas, oil products, chemical, metallurgy, paper making, power, mining, printing and dyeing, biological pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and beverage, water treatment and air treatment and other industries of fluid automatic control or regulation control, and automatic pneumatic instrument matching use.

Product details

WESDOM globe valves are torque seated valve which are used for on-off service as well as for throttling purpose. Globe valves are widely selected for their short travel. WESDOM provides two types of construction; rising stem and rising-rotating stem. WESDOM manufactures the full series of globe valves, including T type, Y type and angle type.

Production process:

During the production process, castings and cleaning, machining, epoxy coating assembly, pressure testing and storage all processes can ensure product quality.

Structural features:

(1)Frictionless opening and closing.

This feature completely solves the problem of traditional valves affecting the seal due to mutual friction between sealing surfaces.

(2)Top-loading structure.

The valve mounted on the pipeline can be directly inspected and maintained online, which can effectively reduce the stopping of the device and lower the cost.

(3)Single seat design.

Eliminates the problem of abnormal pressure rise in the cavity of the valve, which affects the safety of use.

(4)Low torque design.

Special structure design of the valve stem, only need to match a small handle valve can be easily opened and closed.

(5)Wedge-shaped sealing structure.

The valve is sealed by the mechanical force provided by the stem, pressing the ball wedge onto the seat, so that the sealing of the valve is not affected by changes in the differential pressure of the pipeline, and the sealing performance is reliably guaranteed under various working conditions.

(6)Self-cleaning structure of the sealing surface.

When the ball is tilted away from the seat, the fluid in the pipeline along the ball sealing surface into 360 ° uniform passage, not only to eliminate the high-speed fluid on the seat of the local flushing, but also flush away the sealing surface of the accumulation of material, to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning.

(7)The valve body and cover of the valve calibre below DN50 are die-forged parts, while the valve body and cover of DN65 or above are cast steel parts.

(8)The valve body and valve cover are connected in different forms, such as clamped pin connection, flange gasket connection and self-sealing threaded connection.

(9)The sealing surface of valve seat and valve flap are plasma spray welding or overlay welding cobalt-chromium-tungsten carbide, with high hardness of sealing surface, wear resistance, anti-scuffing and long service life.

(10)The material of valve stem is nitriding steel, after nitriding, the surface of valve stem is hard, wear-resisting, anti-scuffing, anti-corrosion and long service life.

(11)Valve body.

The design of an elliptical section reduces the flow resistance and turbulent flow to keep the flow fluent. The flap in the middle of upper passage can reduce the eddy flow and increase the flow capacity.

Installation note:

(1)When installing the valve, pay attention to the flow direction of the medium and install it strictly in the direction indicated by the valve flow arrow.

(2)The valve can be installed in any position of the pipeline, while according to the medium and the temperature of the medium choose carbon steel or alloy steel valves.

(3)Electric shut-off valve installed as vertical as possible, the stem up.

Applicable medium:

They are used in industries including oil chemistry, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer and power generation to prevent the backward flux of the media. It is a valve that can realize the open and close according to the force of the working medium. So there is no driving method.



wesdom gate valve

Project case

Pakistan AL-MORIZE Sugar Factory

Main products: Control/On-off butterfly valves, Control globe valves, Control ball valves, Angle seat valves.

Project description

The customer found WESDOM through Google advertisements, because he himself is relatively familiar with valves, so he sent the required products, product materials and required medium to our salesman in the international trade department, and the WESDOM salesman also promptly contacted with our factory’s sales department and the engineering department, and then gave the customer the best price;

Cient feedback:

WESDOM’s valves are not only of high quality, but also of very good service and price. At the same time, you can also customize your own logo and color. The delivery time is very punctual. They are very satisfied with the cooperation with WESDOM, and they will choose WESDOM if you need it;

Project pictures:

Product packaging and transportation

wesdom gate valve



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