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Remote reading electromagnetic flow meter IP68

Remote reading electromagnetic flow meter IP68

Size: DN3-DN3000mm

Pressure Rating:0.6-1.6Mpa(2.5Mpa/4.0Mpa/6.4Mpa...Max 42Mpa)

Material:SS304(Standard), SS316(Optional)

Design Standard: Standards Compliance

Inspection Standard: Applied standard: ISO6817; Performance evaluation standard: ISO9104

Application medium:Water

Application Temperature:-20~+60deg C

Applied projects: Widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, iron and steel,food, power, paper making, water treatment, petrochemical, medicine etc.


Product details


Remote reading electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of volume flow meter. It was specially designed for partially filled pipe. It can measure liquid volume from 10% level of the pipe to 100% level of the pipe. It’s accuracy can reach to 2.5%, very accurate for irrigation and waste water liquid measurement. It use remote LCD display so users can read the flow measurement easily. We also provide solar power supply solution for some remote areas where has no power supply.


(1)Bi-directional measurement,easy to install

(2)Automatic alarimm functionsfor self-diagnosis

(3)LCD backlight makes it easy to read day and night

(4)Double frequency excitation,stable zero point;

(5)Multi-Language, Module Design,Multifunctional Output;

water meter feature

Remote reading electromagnetic flow meter advantages:

(1)Remote reading electromagnetic flow meter can measure partially filled pipe liquid flow, it is very popular in irrigation.

(2)Its can use solar power supply, this type is very suitable for remote areas where has no industrial power supply.

(3)It adopts safe and durable material, service life is longer than normal products. Normally, it can work at least 5-10 years or longer.

(4)And we have already got food grade certificate for its liner so it can be used for drinking water, underground water, etc. Many drinking water company use this type in their big size pipeline.

(5)We use an accurate mini ultrasonic level meter for its liquid level measurement then the flow meter will record the liquid level and use this parameter to measure liquid flow. This ultrasonic level meter’s blind area is very small and its accuracy can reach to ±1mm.

Remote reading electromagnetic flow meter installation and maintainance:

Remote reading electromagnetic flow meter should be installed correctly to ensure good measurement. Normally we need leave 10D(10 times of diameter) straight pipe distance before partially filled pipe electromagnetic flow meter and 5D behind partially filled pipe electromagnetic flow meter. And try to avoid elbow/valve/pump or other device which will influent the flow speed. If the distance is not enough, then please install flow meter according to follow picture.


Routine maintenance: only need to make periodic visual inspections of the instrument, check the environment around the instrument, remove dust and dirt, ensure that no water and other substances enter, check whether the wiring is in good condition, and check whether there are newly installed strong electromagnetic field equipment or newly installed wires near the instrument Cross-instrument.

If the measuring medium easily contaminates the electrode or deposits in the measuring tube wall, it should be cleaned and cleaned regularly.

3.Fault finding: if the meter is found to work abnormally after the flow meter has been put into operation or normal operation for a period of time, the external conditions of the flow meter should be checked first, such as whether the power supply is good, whether the pipeline is leaking or in a state of partial pipe, whether there is any in the pipeline Whether air bubbles, signal cables are damaged, and whether the output signal of the converter (that is, the input circuit of the subsequent instrument) is open. Remember to dismantle and repair the flow meter blindly.

4.Sensor inspection

5.Converter check


Technical Data:

flowmeter parameter

Remote reading electromagnetic flow meter size:





L(mm) H φA  φK N-φh
DN200 0.6 400 494 320 280 8-φ18
DN250 0.6 450 561 375 335 12-φ18
DN300 0.6 500 623 440 395 12-φ22
DN350 0.6 550 671 490 445 12-φ22
DN400 0.6 600 708 540 495 16-φ22
DN450 0.6 600 778 595 550 16-φ22
DN500 0.6 600 828 645 600 20-φ22
DN600 0.6 600 934 755 705 20-φ22
DN700 0.6 700 1041 860 810 24-φ26
DN800 0.6 800 1149 975 920 24-φ30
DN900 0.6 900 1249 1075 1020 24-φ30
DN1000 0.6 1000 1359 1175 1120 28-φ30


Remote reading electromagnetic flow meter parameters:

Measuring Pipe Size DN200-DN3000
Connection Flange
Liner Material Neoprene/Polyurethane
Electrode Marerial SS316, TI, TA, HB, HC
Structure Type Remote Type
Accuracy 2.5%
Output Signal Modbus RTU, TTL electrical level
Communication RS232/RS485
Flow speed range 0.05-10m/s
Protection Class Converter: IP65

Flow Sensor: IP65(standard), IP68(optional)


Main Performances Parameters:

Size DN3-DN3000mm
Nominal Pressure 0.6-1.6Mpa(2.5Mpa/4.0Mpa/6.4Mpa…Max 42Mpa)
Accuracy +/-0.5%(Standard)
+/-0.3% or +/0.2%(Optional)
Liner PTFE, Neoprene, Hard Rubber, EPDM, FEP, Polyurethane, PFA
Electrode SUS316L, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C
Titanium, Tantalum, Platinium-iridium
Structure Type Integral type, remote type, submersible type, ex-proof type
Medium Temperature -20~+60 degC(Integral type)
Remote type(Neoprene, Hard Rubber,Polyurethane, EPDM) -10~+80degC
Remote type(PTFE/PFA/FEP) -10~+160degC
Ambient Temperature -20~+60deg C
Ambient Humidity 5-100%RH(relative humidity)
Measuring Range Max 15m/s
Conductivity >5us/cm
Protection Class IP65(Standard); IP68(Optional for remote type)
Process Connection Flange (Standard), Wafer, Thread, Tri-clamp etc (Optional)


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Project case

OEM service for Mexico Flow Meter

We are providing OEM services for our Mexico customer various flow meters.

The average order quantity nearly is 30PCS every month. These flow meters mainly applied in Mexico food, beverage, chemical, wine factory and water treatment system, etc.

Product packaging and transportation


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Remote reading electromagnetic flow meter can measure water, waste water, paper pulp, etc. We use rubber or polyurethane liner on it, so it can measure most of none corrosive liquid. It is mainly used in irrigation, water treatment, etc.
It withstand -20-60 deg C media temperature, and it was very durable and safe.

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