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S8 flange ultrasonic water meter

S8 flange ultrasonic water meter

Size:  DN50-300

Pressure Rating: 1.6 MPa

Material: DI

Design Standard:Standards Compliance

Inspection Standard:Technical data conform to international standard API598

Application medium:Water

Application Temperature: (5~55)℃

Applied projects:Water Treatment


Product details

It is a metering instrument to continuously measure, record and display the volume of water flowing through sensor by use of ultrasonic time difference method.

It is composed of flow sensor, calculator, pipe fittings, etc., detailed as follows.

S8 flange ultrasonic water meter

Nominal Diameter


Length L Width B Hight H Flange Connection
Flange Diameter Bolt Circle Diameter Bolt Size—M
DN50 2 Inch 200 170 215 170 125 4—M16
DN65 2.5 Inch 200 185 220 185 145 4—M16
DN80 3 Inch 225 200 235 200 160 8—M16
DN100 4 Inch 250 220 255 220 180 8—M16
DN125 5 Inch 250 250 285 250 210 8—M16
DN150 6 Inch 300 285 335 285 240 8—M20
DN200 8 Inch 350 340 405 340 295 12—M20
DN250 10 Inch 450 405 470 405 355 12-M24
DN300 12 Inch 500 460 525 460 410 12-M24


Installation Figure:

★Before using this water meter, the pipe must be filled with water, otherwise it will lead to inaccurate or even non-measurement.

★When installing the water meter, should be reserved length of DN*10 in front of the water meter. Or should be reserved the length of DN*5 behind the water meter.

★The water meter shall refresh the display at every 4s, and read the water meter (including the starting value and end

value) 4s at least after the valve is closed when test the water meter, otherwise the testing results may be affected;

★Please make sure the medium flow is within the flow range of the water meter during test and use, otherwise it may result

in damage to the water meter;

★In case of any malfunction (e.g. metering failed, etc.) during use, please contact the related management department

immediately and do not repair it by yourself;

★The product is designed with a disposable anti-disassembly seal which shall be removed only by appointed personnel, or

Otherwise, it shall be excluded from the free after-sales service.

S8 flange ultrasonic water meter

wesdom gate valve

Project case

WESDOM ultrasonic wall mounted type flow meter deliver to Denmark

WESDOM ultrasonic wall mounted type flow meter have delivered to Denmark.

Confirm order within one day, thanks for your trust.

Product packaging and transportation


wesdom gate valve



Water meters, which are instruments for measuring the flow of water, mostly the cumulative flow measurement of water, are widely used in practical life, mainly in agricultural irrigation, water treatment and other working conditions.

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