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Vortex Flow Meter

Vortex Flow Meter Vortex Flowmeter

Size: DN25-300mm

Pressure Rating:1.6MPa;2.5MPa;4.0MPa;6.4MPa(Other pressure can be custom, need consult supplier)

Material:SS304(Standard), SS316(Optional)

Design Standard:ISO4064

Application medium: Liquid, Gas, Steam

Application Temperature:-40℃~+200℃; -40℃~+280℃; 40℃~+350℃

Applied projects: the measurement and control of superheated steam, saturated steam, compressed air and general gas, water and liquid in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, thermal, textile, papermaking and other industries


Product details

Remote Wallmounted Vortex Flow Meter is used in numerous branches of industry to measure the volume flow of liquids, gases and steam. Applications in the chemicals and petrochemicals industries, for example, in power generation and heat-supply systems involve widely differing fluids: saturated steam, superheated steam, compressed air, nitrogen, liquefied gases, flue gases, carbon dioxide, fully demineralized water, solvents, heat-transfer oils, boiler feedwater, condensate, etc.


(1)Brand new digital processing calculation, enjoy excellent anti-vibration & anti-interferenceperformance;

(2)Adopt built-in sensor structure,better protect the flow sensor;

(3)Big LCD display with back light is easy to debug and observe;

(4)Flow sensor embedded temperature sensor, reduce the leakage point;

(5)Main body adopts precision casting technology, strangers generating body;

(6)40℃~350℃ to choose;

(7)Adapt to various complex conditions;

(8)Flange DIN, ANSI, JIS standard selectable; HART, RS485 communication to choose;

(9)Main body SS304, SS316 material selectable;

Vortex Flow Meter

Vortex flow meter advantages and disadvantages:

①Vortex flow meter body is robust and universally applicable for liquids, gases and steam,optimized for steam applications.

②For gases measurement, if the gas temperature and pressure change a lot, pressure and temperature compensation will be a must, vortex flow meter could add temperature and pressure compensation.

③WESDOM Vortex flow meter adopt Japan OVAL technology and design.

④To protect the sensor, Q&T vortex flow meter choose embedded sensor, with 4 piezo-electric crystal encapsulated inside the sensor, which is our own patent.

⑤There is no moving parts, no abrasion, non-wearing parts inside the vortex flow meter sensor, fully welded SS304 body (SS316 selectable).

⑥With patented sensor and flow sensor body, Q&T vortex flow meter could eliminate drift & vibration influence from great aspect in the working site while compare with other flow meters.

⑦Apart from electromagnetic flow meter and ultrasonic flow meter could work as flow meter and BTU meter, add the temperature sensor and totalizer, vortex flow meter could also work as BTU meter and measure steam or hot water energy.

⑧Requires very few power consumption: 24 VDC, 15 Watts maximum;

⑨In gas measurement, vortex flow meter could achieve high accuracy ±0.75%~±1.0% of reading ( gas ±1.0%, liquid ±0.75%); which could use in custody transfer , while the metal tube rotameter or orifice plate usually use for process control.

⑩With a variety of signals outputs and selection, such as 4-20mA, pulse with HART or pulse with RS485 are selectable.

In the electronic device of measuring flow, vortex flow meter is the only one could resist wide temperature range up to highest temperature 350℃, digital flow meter highest process temperature.

Vortex flow meter installation requirements:

(1)The installation of vortex flow meter has higher requirements, to guarantee the better accuracy and working properly.

(2)Vortex flow meter installation should keep away from the electric motors, big frequency converter, power cable, transformers, etc.

(3)Do not install in the position where there has bends, valves, fittings, pumps etc, which could cause flow disturbances and influence the measurement.

(4)The front straight pipe line and after straight pipe line should follow below suggestion.

flowmeter installation


Vortex Flow Meter Daily Maintenance:

Regular cleaning: The probe is an important structure of the vortex flowmeter. If the detection hole of the probe is blocked, or is entangled or wrapped by other objects, it will affect the normal measurement, resulting in inaccurate results;

Moisture-proof treatment: most of the probes have not undergone moisture-proof treatment. If the use environment is relatively humid or is not dried after cleaning, the performance of the vortex flow meter will be affected to a certain extent, resulting in poor operation;

Minimize external interference: strictly check the grounding and shielding conditions of the flow meter to ensure the accuracy of the flow meter measurement;

Avoid vibration: There are some parts inside the vortex flowmeter. If strong vibration occurs, it will cause internal deformation or fracture. At the same time, avoid the inflow of corrosive liquid.



Caliber(mm) L H D K n d
15 170 440 95 65 4 14
20 170 446 105 75 4 14
25 170 450 115 85 4 14
32 170 463 140 100 4 18
40 190 465 150 110 4 18
50 190 470 165 125 4 18
65 220 487 185 145 4 18
80 220 500 200 160 8 18
100 240 533 220 180 8 18
125 260 560 250 210 8 18
150 280 608 285 240 8 22
200 300 640 340 295 12 22
250 360 705 405 355 12 26
300 400 408 460 410 12 26

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Project case

Philippines Projects

Main products:

Remote type vortex flow meter

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Product packaging and transportation



①Vortex flow meter is professional in measuring non-conductive liquids, gases, saturated and superheated steam, especially for steam measurement trade settlement.

②Except work as flow meter, vortex flow meter can also work as heat meter to measure the Gross/net heat of steam and hot water.

③Vortex flow meter usually monitor the compressor output and evaluation of Free Air Delivery (FAD),There has lots of Industrial gases, such as natural gas, nitrogen gas, liquefied gases, flue gases, carbon dioxide etc, all could use vortex flow meter.

④In many factories, compressed air monitoring is very important, vortex flow meter also could use for process control.

⑤Besides the different gases measurement, vortex flow meter could also used for light oil or any purified water,such as thermal oils, Desalinated water, demineralized water, RO water, boiler feed water, condensate water etc.

⑥In the Chemicals and petrochemicals industries, there also has lots of gases or liquid could use vortex flow meter for monitoring.


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