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Fully Welded Ball Valve

Fully Welded Ball Valve

Size: 2”-48”

Pressure Rating:150LB-900LB

Material:A216 GR.WCB

Design Standard:API6D,ASME B16.34

Inspection Standard:API598

Application medium:Petroleum, Natural Gas

Applied projects:Petroleum, natural gas

Product details

Welded ball valves with integral welded valve bodies can effectively avoid external leakage. Welded ball valve is widely used in various fields, its superior quality and high performance stability is ordinary cast steel ball valve can not reach, all-welded ball valve service life is far greater than cast steel ball valve, all-welded ball valve is widely used in city gas, city heating, petrochemical, shipbuilding, steel, pressure regulating stations, power plants and other types of pipeline equipment.

Welded ball valves are generally available in blue, yellow, grey, black and other colours. Transmission methods include handle, turbine, pneumatic, electric, etc.



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Project case

Product packaging and transportation

Fully welded ball valve applications:

City gas: gas output pipeline, main line and various branch supply pipelines, etc.

Central heating: large heating equipment output pipelines, main lines and branch lines.

Heat exchangers: pipelines and various circuits opening and closing.

Steel plants: various fluid pipelines, waste gas selective discharge pipelines, gas and heat supply pipelines, fuel supply pipelines.

Various industrial equipment, various heat treatment pipelines, various industrial gas and heat pipelines.



Main features:

Fully welded ball valves are made from forged materials and have a fully welded body instead of a bolt and nut, to avoid potential leakage of the body.

Fully welded ball valves are available in both spherical and barrel shapes, usually with one weld seam for spherical bodies, and two for cylindrical bodies.


Design features:

Ball valves designed according to ISO 14313, API 6D

Simple construction, good sealing performance, low torque

Fully welded body, reduced and through bore construction with minimum flow resistance (0 in practice)

Emergency grease filling

Automatic pressure relief in the middle chamber

Low leakage packing

Fireproof, anti-static, anti-stem blow-out design

Valve seat function Double plug and double row, one side piston, one side automatic pressure relief, two side pistons

Extended stem and bonnet construction

Stainless steel can be welded to the body, seat surface or gasket support ring surface, and can be used underground without internal corrosion, making it the best option for petrochemical and natural liquid and gas piping systems

30 years of service



All-welded ball valve performance:

1): No maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy to install, reliable long-term operation at low running costs. The surface adopts spraying treatment technology, lustrous and beautiful, which has been in the leading level in China.

The surface is sprayed with plastic treatment technology, which has a beautiful lustre and is at the leading level in China. There will be no external leakage etc. The valve body is of welded construction, so the valve is light and easy to insulate. The adjustment mechanism is very easy to install, the operating handle can be

The operating handle can be removed and installed in a different direction.

The valve seat is made up of a carbon fibre reinforced Teflon seal ring and a disc spring, so it is highly adaptable to changes in pressure and temperature and does not produce any leakage in the marked pressure and temperature range.

will not produce any leakage slip.

3): The processing of the ball is followed by an advanced computerised tester, so the ball is processed with high precision.

4): As the valve body material is the same as the pipe material, there will be no uneven stress and no deformation due to earthquakes and vehicles passing over the ground, and the pipe is resistant to ageing.

5): Integral fully welded, equal and variable diameter channels, fixed and floating balls, double piston effect sealing system, automatic

injected sealant type bearings.

6): To prevent static electricity, the stem and ball and between the stem and stuffing box are equipped with steel balls and springs, which can keep all parts of the valve conductive to the valve body and let the current pass through the

area, releasing static electricity. Not only to prevent fire, but also to prevent corrosion and to achieve a temporary cut-off for timely maintenance.

7): The stem anti-disengagement function is because the stem is affected by the pressure inside the valve and always generates a disengagement force so the stem is designed as an anti-disengagement structure.

8): Support with a low friction material thrust washer pushes the pressure against the stem so that the stem only acts as a torque transmitter.

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