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Advantages of hand-held ultrasonic flowmeters

Handheld ultrasonic flow meters wesdom


Handheld ultrasonic flow meters use clamp-on sensing to measure liquid flow. The installation process is extremely simple, and the full Chinese man-machine interface is easier to operate.

Especially suitable for flow balance tests and flow monitoring: drinking water, river water, seawater, cooling water, hot water, industrial sewage, lubricating oil, diesel oil, fuel oil, chemical liquid, etc.

Advantages of hand-held ultrasonic flowmeters:

Handheld ultrasonic flow meters wesdom

Advantages of hand-held ultrasonic flowmeters:

●Non-contact measurement, small size, lightweight, easy to carry.

●The installation of the sensor is simple and easy, and it is used to measure the sound-conducting medium of various sizes of pipes.

●The measurement process does not need to destroy the pipeline,no need to stop production,the sensor does not contact the measured medium,and there is no pressure loss.

●Suitable for measuring metal pipes, plastic pipes and pipes of other sound-transmitting materials.

●Built-in rechargeable battery, can work continuously for more than 12 hours.

●Intelligent on-site printing function to ensure the integrity of flow data.

Reasons to choose a handheld ultrasonic flowmeter:

Industrial flow measurement generally has the problems of large pipe diameter and large flow measurement.This is because generally with the increase in the measuring pipe diameter, it will bring difficulties in manufacturing and transportation, increase the cost,and increase energy loss, which can be avoided by the ultrasonic flowmeter.Because all kinds of ultrasonic flowmeters can be installed outside the pipe and non-contact flow measurement, the cost of the instrument has nothing to do with the diameter of the pipe to be measured,while other types of ultrasonic flowmeters increase the cost greatly as the diameter increases, Therefore,the larger the diameter of the hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter, the better the price ratio of other types of flowmeters with the same function, and it is considered to be a better large-diameter flowmeter.

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