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Advantages of soft sealing gate valve


Soft sealing gate valve, industrial valve, the opening and closing part of soft sealing gate valve is the gate, the movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid, the gate valve can only be fully opened and fully closed, and cannot be adjusted or throttled.

The gate has two sealing surfaces.

WESDOM's commitment:

1.The quality of batch products is basically the same as the sample, with strong gloss and full color.

2.All products are sprayed with non-toxic epoxy plastic powder certified by WARS, and each product can be certified for safe drinking water.

3.Before each product leaves the factory, it is inspected and qualified according to the national standard before leaving the factory.

Advantages of WESDOM soft sealing gate valve:

wesdom gate valve

Inverted sealing structure:

When the valve plate is fully open, the top of the valve plate is in contact with the valve cover, and the bolts, valve cover and nut can be disassembled for seal replacement and maintenance without water supply.

In emergencies and special cases, it is convenient to provide after-sales service for the company, and it can urgently solve the emergencies of end users.

wesdom gate valve

Circlip design : 

Effectively solve the loosening of the copper nut due to excessive operating torque.

wesdom gate valve

Dust jacket :

Effective protection of copper nut and circlip.

wesdom gate valve

The characteristics of the middle head gasket:

The right-angled trapezoid design is used to better solve the sealing performance of the valve cover and the valve body.

wesdom gate valve


It adopts one-piece whole stew-press molding to enhance the strength of the valve stem.

wesdom gate valve

Features of the valve disc: 

The upper part of the valve disc of our company adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the stability of the nut fixing is better. The two sides of the valve disc are double-ribbed structure, the valve disc is wide, the unilateral pressure offset is small, and the torsion is light.

The brass nut is screwed on the bonnet, there are 2 "O" rings on the inside and outside , and one "O" ring on the stem: 

Excellent sealing and greatly reducing stem wear.

Special design of handwheel:

Solid ductile iron casting, strong and durable, ergonomic, with better experience. Compared with other handwheels, the product grade and customer satisfaction are improved.

The flow port of the channel is larger than the diameter, which can meet the needs of opening.

wesdom valve
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