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Compressed air condensed fluid Auto – drainer


Compressed air condensed fluid Auto - drainer

Compressed air condensed fluid Auto - drainer

The Structure of the compressed air condensate automatic drainer is different from that of the traditional drainer.

It is equipped with stainless steel inverted bucket floating ball drainage system, which belongs to continuous dynamic discharge and is equipped with manual sewage and slag discharge valve.

Compressed air condensed fluid Auto - drainer

The shell material is available in aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

The product is equipped with micro drainage gas, which can lead the condensate into the drainer and drain at any time, and reduce the condensate retained in the equipment to the minimum.

It is the best choice for the blowdown accessories of the compressed air equipment because of its noiseless operation, no strict requirements for the installation position and requirements, and no blockage at the outlet of the aperture.

Below is the outline size.

Compressed air condensed fluid Auto - drainer


When using it for the first time, it is necessary to ensure that there is about 1 liter of water in the drainer!

Such as air compressor, air storage tank, cold dryer and other places where there is more condensate water can flow into 1 liter of water within 1 minute.

Due to the internal use of water drainage device to form a seal, if there is no water in the drain, there will be compressed air leakage.

If the above conditions are not established, it can also be realized by adding water.

See the figure on the right for the operation method:

screw off the (1) water inlet, add water, and then screw the water inlet.

Below is the Product Structure Chart.

Compressed air condensed fluid Auto - drainer

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