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How do I install and maintain a stop valve?


How do I install and maintain a stop valve?

Installation and maintenance:

①Handwheel, handle operated globe valve can be installed in any position of the pipe.

②Handwheel, handle and fretting mechanism are not allowed for lifting.

③The flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the arrow direction shown by the valve


Common faults and troubleshooting methods:

Common faultsCommon faultsExclusion methods
Cut-off valve Cover LeakageThe media flow is not correct, erosion sealing surfaceInstalled by flow arrow or in structural form, i.e. medium introduced from under the seat (except for individual design medium introduced from the sealing surface, the seat flows down)
 Cut-off valve surface seal surface easy to deposit dirtWhen closed, leave a slit to wash several times before closing
 Different heart of valve cone seal pairProper assembly, stem, disc or throttle, seat on the same axis, stem bending straight
 Damage and aging of sealing surface of valve linerCheck and replace linings regularly so that the closing force is appropriate to avoid crushing the sealing face of the globe valve
Stop valve failurePin valve pluggingThe globe valve is not suitable for medium with high viscosity
 Valve blocked by foreign bodyRemove or disintegrate globe valves
  Damage to internal stem nut or stem trapezoidal threadImproper selection, corrosion by medium, should be correctly selected valve structure type; small operating force, especially small globe valve and throttle valve; trapezoidal thread damage should be replaced in time
 Disc, throttling coneCorrosive medium should avoid rolling, steel wire connection closing valve, closing parts should be repaired after falling off, steel wire should be changed to stainless steel wire
Stop valve throttleThe ruler is not zero and the ruler is lostThe ruler should be adjusted to zero and repaired and repaired after loosening or missing
 Severe erosion of throttle coneCorrect material selection and heattreatment, flow direction should becorrect, operation should be correct
Common faults and troubleshooting methods

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