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How do I install and maintain a water meter?


How do I install and maintain a water meter?

water meter installation
water meter installation

Installation and maintenance: 

①In order to ensure the most accurate measurement, install at least 5 times the straight pipe section with the same section as the pipe before the inlet of the water meter, and install at least 2 times the straight pipe section above the water meter outlet.

②The connecting pipes upstream and downstream of the water meter can not shrink.

③It is recommended to install flow control equipment (such as valves) and filters.

④Flange sealing ring shall not protrude into the pipe or misplace.

⑤The water meter must be thoroughly cleaned before installation to avoid debris damage to the meter.

⑥The flow direction of the water meter should be consistent with the flow direction of the pipeline.

⑦After the installation of the water meter, slowly discharge water filled with pipes to prevent high-speed airflow from breaking the water meter.

⑧The installation position ensure that the pipe is full of water, bubbles will not be concentrated in the table, should avoid water meter installation at the highest point of the pipe.

⑨Water meters should be protected from water pressure shocks.

⑩The small diameter rotor type water meter must be installed horizontally, and the front and back or left tilt will lead to a decrease in sensitivity.

11)Water meters are dry and wet. Wet water meter glass under the water, water vapor and other normal phenomena. Due to the old pipe, poor water quality or installed at the end of the pipe, rust pollution will affect the reading.

Common faults and solutions:

Common faultsCommon faultsExclusion methods
Poor sensitivity or water meterThe pipe network is stuck with debrisInstallation of filters
 Top loose or water meter overloaded, excessive wearRemove the starting core and tighten the top. It is strictly forbidden to overload the water meter. 
 The gear stuck in the counterCheck whether the gear is broken and whether the gear has burrs or missing teeth.
 Water meter overloaded, movingparts damaged, unable to driveRemove workbench clean and replace damaged parts or replace workbench.
Surface blackeningPoor water quality, dirt depositionInstall filter screen in front of water meter pipe
 Water contains chemicals that react with inkClean surface or restart watch
 The quality of the ink itself is problematicCheck ink
Common faults and solutions

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