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How to install and maintain rubber joint?


How to install and maintain rubber joint

①Please make sure that the field condition of the pipeline and its connection size match the size of the rubber joint.

②Flexible rubber joint bearing range:

axial displacement : DN150(12mm)DN200-400(16mm),

lateral displacement :DN150(14mm)DN200-400(22mm),

installation in strict accordance with the product requirements of the medium, temperature use, ordinary water between 0℃-80℃.

③At the pump outlet, DN200-400 between the use of butterfly valve flange, such as operating pressure ≥ 1.0Mpa, please use flanging limit anti-pull rubber joint.

④The bolts shall be installed with gaskets and fastened diagonally, and shall be tightened twice after pressure test. For vertical and suspended installations, anti-pull device or pipe and fixed bracket shall be used to prevent the work from being pressed too much and pulled off.

⑤Keep away from fire when installing the product. Exposure to sunlight is strictly prohibited. Sharp tools are strictly prohibited to scratch the surface during transportation and loading and unloading.

How to install and maintain rubber joint?

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