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Installation and maintenance of exhaust valve


Installation and maintenance of exhaust valve

Installation and maintenance double port exhaust valve

①The automatic exhaust valve used for pipe exhaust should be installed at the top of the hot water circulation, where gas is easy to accumulate.

②In order to prevent impurities from falling into the vent hole, slightly loosen the exhaust cap to facilitate exhaust. If the exhaust cap is a safety hygroscopic exhaust cap, it should be tightened completely.

③Vent valves should not be installed where they are susceptible to freezing.

④When there is air in the system, the gas is gathered in the upper part of the exhaust valve, the accumulation of bubbles in the body makes the float ball drop with the water level, so open the exhaust piston; When the gas is exhausted, the water level rises and the float rises to close the exhaust piston. If the bonnet on the side of the body is tightened, the exhaust valve stops venting, and the bonnet should normally be open.

⑤Install double outlet vent valve, and a protective valve must be installed underneath to avoid maintenance and water outage.

⑥The exhaust valve is suitable for water whose temperature does not exceed 100℃. The hot water pipe is used to discharge all the air in the pipe.

⑦Before installation, please check and remove the debris in the main body.

⑧Install a gate valve in front of the valve for subsequent installation and servicing. If the valve is installed in the shade well, there should be enough space for technicians to adjust and maintain the valve.

⑨If the double outlet valve is installed outdoors, please pay attention to the insulation of the valve to prevent the water in the valve from freezing or cracking the valve.

⑩If the pipeline where the exhaust valve is frequently cut off, it is recommended to install a buffer valve in front of the exhaust valve.

Installation and maintenance CARX new type composite exhaust valve

①The exhaust valve is used at the highest point of the pipeline or the place where the air is closed and at the outlet of the pump to drain the gas in the pipeline to dredge the pipeline. Make the pipe reach normal working! If the exhaust valve is not installed, the pipeline will appear at any time, so that the outlet capacity of the pipeline can not meet the design requirements!

Secondly: when the pipeline is in operation, there will be a power failure to stop the pump, and there will be negative pressure which will cause the pipeline to vibrate or rupture. At this time, the air inlet valve will quickly suck the air into the pipe to prevent the pipeline from vibrating and rupture to play a protective role.

working principle:

①The compound exhaust valve must be provided with two holes, one large and one small. The large hole and the diameter hole are basically the same. There will be a large amount of gas to be discharged from the water pipe for the first time. When the gas after the row, macroporous stop exhaust pipe tube will naturally gasbag body during normal operation, the airbag gradually form a bigger focus on the top of the pipe, thus forming gas resistance, impact of pipeline water can not meet the design requirements, the vent holes will have the effect of the exhaust in, the gas will have holes to solve discharge, make the pipe is no gas! When a large amount of air is needed in the pipeline, the floating ball drops with the water and opens the small hole to drive the large hole to carry out a large amount of air intake to ensure the safety of the pipeline!

Shipping and storage:

1.Preparation before transportation

The sealing surface of the valve is the key part, and the following measures should be taken:

The inside of the valve should be cleared of residual scale, and the internal cavity of the valve should be kept clean and free of dirt.


Attention should be paid when handling the valve. The valve must not be thrown or dropped! Should be kept upright.


The considerations for storage and transportation are usually the same as those for transportation preparation. But the time factor is very important, the valve is generally stored indoors, so that the valve is kept clean and free of debris on the sealing surface. If the valve must be stored outdoors, there should be a cover for shielding protection.

4.The installation

The installation of the valve is the key to the service life of the valve. Improper installation of the valve performance degradation is very likely, therefore, before installing the valve should confirm the following points:

①Carefully disassemble the packaging of the valve, check the label or label against the list of materials, specifications and details to ensure that it meets the requirements of the order.

②Attention must be paid to the special warning labels or signs attached to or with the valve, and appropriate measures should be taken.

③Check the sign indicating the flow direction of the valve. If the flow direction is marked, the valve should be installed in accordance with the stipulated flow direction.

④Through the valve channel to check whether the valve is clean, there is no foreign matter and harmful corrosion. Remove special packaging materials.

⑤Before installing the valve, check whether the pipe connected with the valve is clean and whether there are foreign bodies.

Trial and adjustment:

When the valve after strict inspection and installation, should be in a good working state, and ready to operate.


The exhaust valve in the use of the pressure should not be lower than 0.02Mpa, such as lower than 0.02Mpa exhaust valve easy to leak, the valve must be equipped with a valve for maintenance! If no obvious problems are found in the operation performance of the valve, the actual test can be carried out with pressure while the sealing performance and operation performance are checked.

Installation and maintenance of exhaust valve

①Valve is a kind of special product which has both moving parts and wear parts. In order to obtain satisfactory performance of the valve, it is necessary to protect the finished surface of some parts for a long time. The valve has a continuous service life of not less than five years under normal operating conditions and in accordance with pressure, medium and temperature. The maintenance requirements of the valve should consider not only the accidental opening and closing of the valve, but also the fact that the valve is under pressure for most of the time.

②Valves that remain in one position for a long period of time may experience a decrease in maneuverability to some extent due to aging rubber, surface corrosion of the float, or harmful accumulation.

③The integrity of the bearing boundary is mainly required to keep the bearing parts intact, to fix the bearing seal at the assembly joint, and to ensure an effective working seal between the moving float ball and the rubber surface in most cases. Pressure boundaries and fixed assembly connections should be checked frequently to ensure that they are in good condition.

④The external design of the valve is generally easy to inspect and maintain. Reasonable measures should be taken to prevent mechanical damage to the valve and to prevent erosion of the valve by atmospheric sediment, chemical substances or damp gas to worsen its quality.

Fault and its elimination method:

Possible failuresThe cause of the failureEliminate the way
Leakage of sealing surface 1.dirt stuck sealing surface2.time is too long PTFE orrubber wear1. Clean up the dirt2. Replace with a newtetrafluoro or butadienerubber
Deformation of floating ballToo much pressure causesdeformation on impactReplace the float ball
 Valve flange sealingSurface leakage 1.Failure of sealing gasket.2.The pre-tightening force offlange connecting bolts onboth sides of the pipeline isuneven.1.replace the sealing gasket.2.Uniform pre-tightening ofconnecting bolts.
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