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How to install the control valve?


The control valve is a precision instrument. No matter how good it is, if it is not installed according to the specified requirements, it cannot be used correctly.

Especially for new pipes and new valves, many problems will arise during transportation and installation. The correct installation method , It can ensure the normal operation of the regulating valve, and it is also very important for the later maintenance, maintenance and use.

control valve

1. At the initial stage of operation and overhaul of the newly installed regulating valve, attention should be paid to isolation or removal measures when purging the process pipeline to prevent the flow of the medium from being blocked due to welding slag and rust in the pipeline at the orifice and guiding parts. smooth, or the packing is too tight during the maintenance of the control valve, resulting in increased friction, resulting in the phenomenon that the small signal does not move and the large signal moves too far.  

2. When installing the pneumatic regulating valve, pay attention to the air opening and closing of the regulating valve to prevent the internal leakage of the valve due to the length of the regulating valve stem.  

How to install the control valve?

3. In order to prevent cavitation, the following points should be paid attention to during the original selection and installation:

(1) Try to install the regulating valve at the lowest position of the system, which can relatively increase the inlet pressure and outlet pressure of the regulating valve.

(2) Install a cut-off valve or a throttle orifice on the upstream or downstream of the regulating valve to change the original installation pressure drop characteristics of the regulating valve.

(3) Using special anti-cavitation internals can also effectively prevent flashing or cavitation, which can change the flow rate of the fluid in the regulating valve, thereby increasing the internal pressure.

(4) Try to choose a control valve with a harder material, because when cavitation occurs, for such a control valve, it has certain erosion resistance and wear resistance, and can allow cavitation to exist without damage under certain conditions.

The internal parts of the control valve, on the contrary, for the control valve made of soft material, when cavitation occurs, the internal parts of the control valve will wear out quickly.

4. The control valve should generally be installed upright, and should be supported if it needs to be tilted.

5. The flow direction of the medium must be consistent with the arrow on the valve body.

6. The installation position of the regulating valve should be convenient for observation, operation and maintenance.

7. The signal tube of the actuator should have sufficient expansion and contraction margin, and should not hinder the action of the actuator.

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