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Installation and use of fire hydrant


Installation and use of fire hydrant:

Indoor fire hydrants are installed in fire cabinets in obvious locations of buildings, and are compatible with hose and water gun interfaces. In case of fire, quickly connect the hose to the fire hydrant, the other end of the water gun, and then spin open the fire hydrant, that is, the ice to put out the fire.When this product is installed, the tightening force should act on the outer hexagons of the lower part of the valve body, and the tightening force should not be applied on the valve cover part to avoid damage to the product caused by improper installation.

Maintenance of fire hydrant:

1. Before installation, the door must be unscrewed to prevent the rubber pad from sticking to the valve seat and damage, and placed in the clean place.

2. After installation, the garbage and impurities in the waterway must be green. Close the smell door to prevent the rubber pad stick less sand, white paint and other impurities.

3. After the installation of the fire hydrant, it is necessary to open the valve regularly once a half a month to prevent the rubber pad from sticking to the valve seat and damaging

4. Frequently check whether the rubber pad is aging and damaged, and replace it in time when the water is damaged.

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