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Pneumatic Double Gate Valve Detailed Introduction


Pneumatic double disc gate valve is composed of left and right valve bodies, middle valve body, double valve disc, cylinder, return spring, positioning sleeve, packing and other components. The valve relies on compressed air as a power source to inflate the cylinder so that the cylinder is under the action of compressed air. Drive the valve plate to slide up and down quickly (that is, the switches switch each other) to achieve the function of fast opening or closing.

This kind of valve is usually known for its wear resistance and erosion resistance. According to the working conditions of different media, ceramic seals or wear-resistant alloy seals can be selected, and linings or other requirements can also be customized according to site conditions.

Pneumatic double gate valve is mainly used in pneumatic conveying system. It can be said that it is a valve designed to solve the problem of opening and closing speed and wear resistance in pneumatic conveying, which can save the cost of enterprises. Generally, it is used in thermal power, steel mills, waste power generation, It is common in cement plants and other transportation occasions with dry ash, coal ash, fly ash, fine sand, etc.

Double disc gate valves are commonly driven by pneumatic, and manual, electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and other multi-turn or straight-stroke drive modes can be selected according to site requirements.

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