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What are the advantages and application scope of ductile iron pipes and fittings?


What are the advantages and application scope of ductile iron pipes and fittings?

Ductile iron pipes and fittings will not bend at high temperatures, nor will they produce gases that are unfavorable to people. It has high hardness and good shock resistance. There are many ductile iron pipes used in construction now, which are very corrosive and have a long service life. It is also possible to use ductile iron pipes in the deep sea, and the price of ductile iron pipes is very affordable. Because it is compressive, does not penetrate water, and has good sealing. Due to the above reasons, ductile iron pipes are basically maintenance-free and easy to construct, so they are very popular with everyone. Let's follow WESDOM technician to briefly understand the advantages and scope of use of ductile iron pipes.

Advantages of ductile iron pipes:

1. Scalability, high strength and pressure function and corrosion resistance of ductile iron pipes;

2. The elongation rate can reach more than 10%, the tensile strength of the ductile iron pipe is more than 420 MPa, and the pressure value is more than 4 MPa;

3. High deformation resistance in high-pressure water supply and gas pipeline systems;

4. Anti-corrosion measures for ductile iron pipe paint, such as intrusion resistance and corrosion resistance and a service life of 100 years;

5. The installation and construction are convenient, and the project cost is economical;

6. Reliability: The ductile iron pipe has a high bearing capacity and a certain elongation, and adopts a flexible interface, the axial deviation of 3 to 5 degrees will not produce medium seepage and leakage, and has strong resistance to earthquake and Subsidence of foundations.

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The scope of application of ductile iron pipe:

1. Urban domestic water. The domestic water supply in cities is becoming more and more tense, so in addition to drinking water, reclaimed water can be used for watering, car washing, etc.;

2, the diversion pipe. In the city, in order to avoid the depletion of groundwater, iron cast pipes can be used to transfer the water from the lake to the city for everyone's daily use;

3. Agricultural irrigation. Because the iron cast pipe has good corrosion resistance and strong compression resistance. In agricultural irrigation, iron cast pipes can be used regardless of the nature of the soil;

In industrial production. Cast iron pipes have good rigidity and toughness, which play a great role in use. It can withstand both load and pressure, and transport industrial materials safely.

WESDOM now having wide range products for ductile iron pipes and fittings: like Flange adaptors, Flexible Couplings, Universal Couplings, Dismantling Joints, Saddle clamps, etc. Welcome to send us a inquiry if you have needs or interests.

What are the advantages and application scope of ductile iron pipes and fittings?

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