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Doubleair Air Valve Southeast Asia

Doubleair Air Valve

Size: DN50-DN200

Pressure Rating: PN10/PN16

Material:Cast iron/Ductile iron

Face to face dimensionacc: To BS4504/EN1092-2

Flange: RF flange

Application medium:Water

Application Temperature: -10---80℃

Applied projects:Water conservancy construction

In pipeline water hammer negative, air valve opening, so that the tube Daowai air into the pipeline, lest in the pipe produced larger negative pressure, play a protective role; operation of the pipeline system, when the pipeline internal pressure or temperature changes and dissolved in the water of the air is released, air valves will be the timely discharge, prevent pipeline information of gas and affect the operation of the pipeline system.


1. Can eliminate the gas in the pipe, reduce drag and save energy.

2. When the pipe is under pressure, the product can automatically inhale air to prevent the pipe from bursting

3. Floating ball is stainless steel, long service life, safe and reliable.


Product details

Air valves are applied on the water pipelines and the equipment to exclude the gas In

pipelines, it enhances the efficiency of water transport and protects pipelines from

transformation and break. When the pipeline is under negative pressure, this valve will suotion

air automatically to prevent the pipeline breaking. This valve has a big gas displacement for

double air vents, it owns maintenance valve, close it when repaired then it can be on-line.


Size DN50-DN200
Pressure PN10/PN16
Applicable Standards
Face to face dimensionacc To BS4504/EN1092-2
Flange RF flange
Maximum working pressure 16bar(1.6mpa)
Maximum working temperature  -10—80℃
Body cast iron/ductile iron
Bonnet cast iron/ductile iron
Bolt SS304
Nut SS304
Ball SS304


wesdom gate valve

Product packaging and transportation



1.Advanced design with simple mechanism, strong float to prevent cracking during sudden water hammer and quick closure.

2.Self-moving mechanism to resist blow shut under higher air velocity even up to sonic velocity of air.

3.No arms or levers to prevent vibrating, bending, direct closure of the float.

4.Smooth cage outside of the float, keep float moving in specified guide rail.

5.Bottom rubber buffer for collision prevention, and drain easy with proper holes around the cage during vacuum.6.Outside screen will be an option for safety and prevent insects and birds in.

7.Fully fusion epoxy coated inside and outside of valve for long service life.

8.Good for distribution pipeline system, if for transmission pipeline with high impact water hammer, the anti shock device should be required.


  1. High sealing performance
  2. Light torque
  3. Small flow resistances
  4. Not easy to produce water hammer
  5. Simple andconvenient installation, interchangeable parts
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