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Extension stem gate valve

Extension stem gate valve


Design Standard: BS5163

Inspection Standard:EN12266

Application medium:Water, Oil and gas.

Application Temperature:-10°C to120°C 

Appliction:To be used as the regulating and cut off device in the fluid pipeline of following system: Petroleum/Electricity/Metallurgy/Water/Sewage/Energy



Product details

The extension stem gate valve is one of the commonly used shut-off valves in the pump valve project, also called the underground extension rod elastic seat sealing gate valve.

Mainly used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline; especially suitable for medium and large diameter pipelines. The valve stem of the extension rod soft sealing gate valve drives the valve stem of the gate to drive the gate to rise and fall together. The transmission thread on the valve stem is outside the valve body.

Therefore, the opening and closing of the gate can be judged intuitively according to the movement direction and position of the valve stem. position, and the drive thread is easy to lubricate and not corroded by fluids, but it requires a large installation space.


In the gate valve series, the gate valve with extended stem has very unique characteristics. When used in sewage systems, its stem is lengthened. It is convenient to operate at a high position, its channel is smooth, the flow coefficient is small, and the sealing performance is quite reliable. And this product is corrosion-resistant, installed in the pipeline, not only not easy to rust, but also very light and flexible to operate, and has a long service life. Specific features include the following:

1.Easy to operate: When used in the treatment of sewage system, the valve stem can be lengthened, which is very convenient for the staff who operate at a higher position.

2.Smooth passage: The extended stem valve is suitable for pipes with larger diameters, with smooth passage and good sealing performance.

3.Corrosion resistance: After installation, this product produced by Biaoguang Valve Factory has flexible operation and is not easy to rust.

Extension stem gate valve

Main performance specification for extended stem gate valve:

Model Working Pressure Shell Test Seal Test Working Temp. Medium
PN(MPa) (MPa) (MPa) (℃)
MX45X-10 1 1.5 1.1 ≤80 water, oil
MX45X-10 1.6 2.4 1.76 ≤80


Adopt the design scheme that can be maintenance-free and extend the valve stem, bury it at one time, avoid the expensive construction cost of the valve well and the huge investment brought by multiple road reconstructions and valve replacement, beautify the road environment, resist rolling, and avoid the loss of manhole covers. accident.

The valve stem can be flexibly customized according to the depth of the valve well. The top of the valve stem is provided with a valve switch display, a signal remote transmission device can be installed, and a valve error switch lock device can be installed.


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Philippine Water Project

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Gate valves, SO flanges, HDPE pipe fittings, water meters

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Product packaging and transportation


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Extension stem gate valve Area of application:Water supply & drainage, fire fighting, shipbuilding, water treatment, power stations, energy, food, chemical, and other systems.


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