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Galvanized Pipe Fittings

Galvanized Pipe Fittings-Elbow pipe fitting

Size: 1/8''-6''(DN6-DN150)

Standard: EN10242 / ANSI / ASME B16.3 / DIN2950 / IS0 49 / NBR6943 / IS1879 / BS EN10242

Threaded Standard: EN10226 / ASME B.1.20.1 / DIN2999 / ISO7-1 / ISO228 / IS554 / BS EN10226

Work Pressures: PN25 / 2.5Mpa / 363PSI /CLASS 150 / 25Bar

UL Listed /FM Approved /CE /ABNT /TSE /SNI /ISI

Maximum Pressure: 25 BAR (363PSI) (2.5MPA) CLASS 150

Maximum Temperature: 200°C (392°F)

Tensile Strength: 350MPA

Hardness: HB150 (Brinell)

Elongation Rate: 10%

Suitable Applications: Water, Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemical

Material: Malleable Iron


Product details

Galvanized Pipe Fittings

In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the pipe fittings, the factory generally galvanizes the pipe fittings.

Generally speaking, galvanizing is divided into two types: hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing.

And in terms of the sizes and shapes of galvanized pipe fittings,there are including:  bushings, elbows, couplings, caps, tees, unions, and hex plugs.

Elbow pipe fitting description:

Used to change the angle or direction of the pipe run. Most commonly in 90 degrees and 45 degree turns. The sweep of the fitting describes how fast a transition or change in direction is made;

Standard elbows are available in several different angles – 45°, 90°;

90 Degree elbow:

90 Degree elbow is installed between the pipe to change the direction of the pipe by 90 Degree. Available in long and short radius form.

The 90° elbow is also called a “90° ell” (pronounced like the letter “l”) or sometimes a “quarter bend” because the right angle at which flow is redirected is one-quarter of 360°.

The 90° elbow is used in spaces that require a major turn. although this may be a necessity, the flow rate and pressure within the pipe is affected. just as with any piping system, the material under pressure hits The elbow and would like to continue in the same direction. when it meets the resistance of the elbow wall, it is forced to change direction (deflected) at a cost to the pressure.

90 Degree elbow

Elbow 90° Equal Male Or Female JIANZHI Galvanized Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting:

Elbow is mainly used to connect two equal diameter pipes perpendicular to each other at the right angle bend of the pipe, and the different diameter elbow is connected with two different diameters perpendicular to each other so that the vertical pipes can be effectively and reasonably linked together.

Application: Water Disposal, Electric Power, Ship Building, Nuclear Energy, Garbage Disposal, Natural Gas, Petroleum Oil.

Surface: Galvanized

Pipe end caps round:

The pipe cap is a pipe fitting welded on the pipe end or installed on the external thread of the pipe end to cover the pipe. It is used to close the pipeline and has the same function as the pipe plug.

Pipe caps are not very common in industrial buildings, because pipe caps are only used at the end of the pipe to close the pipe.

This 301 galvanized round cap is made of malleable iron, Malleable cast iron has good plasticity and tensile strength, and its price is economical, and with galvanized surface treatment, it has good Rust and corrosion resistance, can be widely used in water or liquid conveyor system. The size range is fully covered from 3/8” to 4”.

Round caps are more popular than octagonal caps in industrial fields.

round caps

Tee pipe fitting:

A tee pipe fitting is a type of pipe fitting which is T-shaped having two outlets, at 90° to the connection to the main line. It is a short piece of pipe with a lateral outlet. Tee pipe fitting is used to connect pipelines with a pipe at a right angle with the line. Pipe Tees are widely used as pipe fittings. They are made of various materials and available in various sizes and finishes. Pipe tees are extensively used in pipeline networks to transport two-phase fluid mixtures. Tees are generally used to combine or split a fluid flow.

It can be divided into “Equal tee pipe fitting” and “Reducing tee pipe fitting” according to different specifications.

Equal tee pipe fitting means that the diameter of the branch pipe is the same as that of the main pipe.

Reducing tee pipe fitting means that the diameter of the branch pipe is smaller than that of the main pipe, so it is also called unequal diameter tee, and the quantity of the reducing three is more.

The tee is divided into socket weld tee, threaded tee, butt weld tee, and flange tee according to the end connection form.

JIANZHI GRUOP produces threaded tees The branched end connects the threads to either male or female threads. So there is a male and female tee, if the pipe is NPT male then the tee should be NPT female.

The threaded tees range in size from 1/8″, 1/4, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ galvanized tee fitting and up to 6″ galvanized tee fitting(from DN6 to DN150).

Tee pipe fitting

Galvanized pipe tees feature:

(1)Three female openings;

(2)Straight pipe tees have the same size openings

(3)Reducing pipe tees have one opening of different size and two openings of the same size;

(4)Prevent obstruction of waste;

Galvanized pipe bushing:

The bushing is used as an adapter. It is needed to connect pipes with different diameters. This is especially important if you urgently need to connect pipes that were purchased by different buyers and in different years. In this case, there are almost no alternatives. It is considered an indispensable element, which is why it is so important to get it as soon as possible if you need to create a pipeline in the shortest possible time.

Galvanized Pipe Bushing1


Project case

Jianzhi galvanized pipe fittings to the Philippines!

Main products:

90° Elbow,equal, Cap,Round, Equal Tee, Union,flat seat, etc.

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