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Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve


Pressure Rating:0.6MPa、1.0MPa、1.6MPa、150Lb

Material:Carbon steel stainless steel

Design Standard: JB/T8691-1998,DIN3352

Inspection Standard:MSS SP-81,DIN3230

Application medium:water, oil, powder

Application Temperature:-38-+425℃

Applied projects:Coal mine/mud/sewage/tap water/ etc


Product details


Knife gate valve is the kind of gate valve that has knife oblique incision at the bottom of valve plate, which can cut off the medium without blockage when closed the valve, such as fiber, mud. Due to its unique design, the knife gate valve are widely used in handling slurry, viscous, corrosive and abrasive media. Popular for sewage treatment , chemical plant, paper plant, power plant, petroleum, food, textile industries etc..

WESDOM knife gate valve is our latest innovation with full diameter design without fluid leakage, plain valve plate bottom and two way seal , which can prevent solids deposit accumulation. Our knife gate valve are available with the ductile iron body and EPDM seat as the standard option, other materials can be added and design according to your medium concentration, its corrosive, temperature, pressure etc..


1.The gate plate has the function of knife gate, which can effectively cut off all kinds of sundries in the medium.

2.The knife gate valve has Ultra-short structural length, which can save materials and greatly reduced the overall weight of the piping system.

3.WESDOM gate plate adopts stainless steel material, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance and can effectively prevent the sealing leakage caused by the corrosion of the gate plate.

4.The upper sealing material is made of flexible PTFE, which is reliable for seal and easy to operate.

5.Compact structure design, small space occupied, easy to install, durable, easy maintenance

knife Gate Valve Standard

Design standard:JB/T8691-1998

Face to face:GB/T15188.2-94(table6-talbe7)、MIS SP81

Flange design:GB/T9113.1-2000

Test and inspection:GB/T13927

(other standards should be told in advance from customers)

Hydrostatic pressure test

Seal test:working pressure* 1.1times

Body shell test:working pressure* 1.5times

gate valve dimension


Size 2”~48”
Connection wafer flanged PN10
Body GG25
Gate SS304L
Stem SS303
U-profile seal EPDM with internal reinforced steel core
Working temperature -38-+425℃
Actuator Handwheel, rising stem


WESDOM knife Gate Valve Range:

knife gate valve

Installation Manual:

1.Please keep it in a dry and clean room. After long-time storage, it should be cleaned before installation, and check whether the bolts are loose. check valve number, size and technical parameters.

2.It is strictly prohibited to weld the flange after installing the valve, in case to damage the valve sealing ring. Distance reserved on pipeline for valve installation should be appropriate, Installation should ensure that the valve work, maintenance, replacement are convenience.

3.The two pipelines’ center and the valves’ diameter center should be kept coaxial, the flange surface should be flat, and the flange surface is not allowed to have a large deviation, so as to ensure the clamping and normal operation of the valve. The bolts should be tightened evenly and symmetrically.

4.when loading and unloading, do not put the belt on the handwheel, cylinder and valve stem.

If not in accordance with the above methods, it is easy to cause the valve can not work normally.


wesdom gate valve

Project case

Project location: Pakistan

Application industry: Cardboard Factory

Main products: DIN SS316 seamless pipes, DIN SS316 fittings, DIN SS316 flanges, SS knife gate valves, SS316 ball valves

Project introduction:

Before ordered with WESDOM, the customer compared more than a dozen of valves factories, but finally he decided to cooperate with us. We supplied SS knife gate valve, SS316 ball valve, flange, fittings, and pipes for his cardboard factory. Knife gate valve as its knife oblique incision at the bottom of valve plate, which is popular used in cardboard industries. The knife gate usually adopted stainless steel material which has good resistance to corrosion. After the shipping and installation of our products, the customer gave us highly recognized and praised, he said he will build the long term business cooperation with WESDOM.

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