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Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Size: 2”-24”

Pressure Rating: PN10-PN40,150LB-300LB

Material: A216 GR.WCB, SS304, SS316

Design Standard: API609,ASME B16.34,BS5155

Inspection Standard: API598,EN12266

Application medium: water, oil, powder

Application Temperature: 0-200℃

Applied projects: natural gas, oil products, chemical, metallurgy, paper making, power, mining, printing and dyeing, biological pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and beverage, water treatment and air treatment


Product details


Pneumatic butterfly valve is the kind of butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator. Pneumatic butterfly valve is mainly used for truncation valve, but also can be designed as regulating valve.

Pneumatic butterfly valve,using compressed air as the power source, the cylinder as the actuator, and with the help of electrical valve positioner, converter, solenoid valve and other accessories to drive the valve, to achieve switching volume or proportional adjustment, receive industrial automation control system control signals to complete the adjustment of pipeline medium flow, pressure, temperature and other process parameters. Pneumatic butterfly valve is characterized by simple control, rapid response, and intrinsically safe, do not need to take additional explosion-proof measures.


1.Compact and lightweight, easy to disassemble and repair, can be installed in any location;

2.Simple structure, small operating torque, open and close quickly with only 90° turn;

3.The butterfly plate can be sprayed with coating according to the user’s medium requirements, such as nylon or PTFE;

4.Cylinder is made of aluminum alloy material, light weight, beautiful appearance;

5.The pneumatic butterfly valve connection endcan be designed into flange connection and wafer connection ;

6.Pneumatic butterfly valve is especially suitable for low pressure, large diameter pipelineuse ;

7.The connection between the disc and the valve stem is made of a pin-free structurewhich can  overcome possible internal leakage points ;

Pneumatic butterfly valve

Body Cast Iron / Cast Steel / Aluminium Diecast / SS304 (CF8) / SS316 (CF8M)
Disc Cast Steel / Ductile Iron / SS304 (CF8) / SS316 (CF8M)
Seat Nitrile / EPDM / Neoprene / PTFE
Seat Leakage Tight Shut Off
Temperature -20°C to 200°C
Pressure Rating PN 10 / PN 16 ( PN 20 ON REQUEST)
End Connection Wafer Type Suitable to 150#, Table ‘D’ & ‘E’ Flanges


wesdom gate valve

Project case

Project location: Pakistan

Application industry : AL-MORIZE Sugar Factory

Main products: stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valves, Control globe valves, Control ball valves, Angle seat valves.

Client feedback:

“WESDOM’s valves are not only of high quality, but also of very good service and price. At the same time, you can also customize your own logo and color of the valves. The delivery time is very punctual. we are very satisfied with the cooperation with WESDOM, and we will build the friendship with WESDOM and long-term cooperation.”

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