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Pressure reducing valve

Pressure reducing valve

Flange standard:EN1092-2, BS4504

Valve Test:EN12266

Face to Face Length: BS EN558

Inspection Standard:EN13709-2002

Application medium:Water

Application Temperature:<=80℃

Applied projects:Water conservancy construction


Product details

The piston type multi -function pump control system Is the intellient valve installed In the outlet of the pump outlet of the large- -caliber water supply pipe network, preventing the backflow of the medium, waiter hammer and water hammer, The valve has three functions of electric valve, reverse stop valve and water hammer eliminator,which can effectively improve the safety and ability of water supply system. Double Chambers and double disc structure can make the valve after the pump stopped quickly closed90% (to prevent the back flow medium pump inversion), and then aiowly Closing the remaining 10% (eliminate destructive water hammer) piston valve ls reliable In performance, high strength, smooth movement, prevent pumping water hammer and 8top the pump water hammer,  The valve can automatically realize the opening and closing according to the operating procedures of the pump motor, and the discharge volume and pressure loss are small.


Product packaging and transportation


wesdom gate valve


Product introduction

Main control filed outlet pressure, the main valve inlet pressure, the main valve outlet prossure has no charge and change, nor because of the changr of the main valve outlet flow to change its outlet pre85ure, suitable for industrial water supply, fire water supply and water pipe network system.

The valve body of this product adopts the global channel streamline design , the fluid resistance is small, the flow rate is big, the sealing effect is good. Due to the main valve equipped with a pipe control system, the use of water operation, can automatically control the water tower or pool level. Simple maintenance, flexible and durable, high accuracy of liquid control, water level is not disturbed by water pressure and closed tightly watertight.

Technical Request

1.Inspection: EN13709-2002

2.Face to Face Length: BS EN558

3.Valve Test: EN12266

4.Flange standard: EN1092-2, BS4504

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