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Ripple compensator

Ripple compensator


Pressure Rating: PN10-PN25

Material: WCB, Stainless Steel

Design Standard: GB/T12777-2008

Inspection Standard: GB/T12777-2008

Application Temperature:-20°C --+400°C

Applied projects: The corrugation compensator itself has the flexibility, can compensate the temperature difference between the equipment and the pipeline deformation or other deformation, and can be shockproof, vibration reduction, reduce the pipeline to the equipment thrust and adapt to the uneven settlement of the oil tank foundation. It itself is sealed, so it can be widely used in chemical industry, oil refining, electric power, light industry, atomic energy, metallurgy, machinery, instrumentation, ships, aerospace and other departments.


Product details

Product description:

Ripple compensator, customarily also called expansion joint, or expansion joint. It consists of a corrugated pipe (an elastic element) and end pipes, brackets, flanges, conduits, and other accessories that form the main body of its work. Mainly used in a variety of pipelines, it can compensate for the thermal displacement of the pipeline, mechanical deformation, and absorption of a variety of mechanical vibrations, play a role in reducing the deformation of the pipeline stress, and improve the service life of the pipeline. The Ripple compensator connection method is divided into flange connection and welding two. Directly buried pipeline compensator is generally used welding method (except trench installation).

Working principle:

The Ripple compensator is used to use the effective expansion and contraction deformation of the elastic element of the corrugated compensator to absorb the size change of the pipeline, conduit, or container from thermal expansion and contraction and other reasons of a compensation device, belongs to a compensation element. Can be axial, transverse, and angular displacement absorption.


(1) Compensation for thermal expansion: can compensate for multiple directions, greatly superior to the metal compensator that can only compensate in a single way.

(2) Compensation for installation errors: due to the pipeline connection process, system error is inevitable, and the fiber compensator better compensates for the installation error.

(3) Anechoic vibration reduction: fiber fabric, insulation cotton body itself has the function of sound absorption, isolation vibration transmission, and can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of boilers, fans, and other systems.

(4) No counter-thrust: as the main material is fiber fabric, no forced transfer. Fiber compensators can simplify the design, avoid the use of large support, and save a lot of materials and labor.

(5) Good high temperature and corrosion resistance: the selected fluorine plastic, and silicone materials have good high temperature and corrosion resistance.

(6) Good sealing performance: there is a relatively complete production assembly system, and the fiber compensator can guarantee no leakage.

(7) Light body, simple structure, easy installation, and maintenance.

In general, the materials selected for the bellows should meet the following conditions:

(1) High elastic limit, tensile strength, and fatigue strength, to ensure the normal work of the bellows.

(2) Good plasticity to facilitate the processing and shaping of the bellows and to obtain sufficient hardness and strength through subsequent treatment processes (cold hardening, heat treatment, etc.).

(3) Good corrosion resistance, to meet the requirements of the bellows working in different environments.

(4) Good welding performance, to meet the requirements of the corrugated pipe welding process in the production process.

Installation instructions:

(1)The compensator should check its model, specification, and pipeline configuration before installation, which must meet the design requirements.

(2)With the inner sleeve of the compensator, should pay attention to make the direction of the inner sleeve and media flow direction, hinge type compensator hinge rotation plane should be consistent with the displacement rotation plane.

(3)The need for a “cold tight” compensator, pre-deformation of the auxiliary components used should be installed in the pipeline before removal.

(4)It is strictly prohibited to use the method of deformation of the corrugated compensator to adjust the installation of the pipeline overrun, so as not to affect the normal function of the compensator, reduce the service life and increase the load of the pipe system, equipment, supporting components.

(5)During the installation process, do not allow the welding slag to splash to the surface of the wave shell and do not allow the wave shell to other mechanical damage.

(6)After the installation of the pipe system, should be removed as soon as possible on the corrugated compensator used for installation and transportation of yellow auxiliary positioning components and fasteners, and according to the design requirements of the limit, a device to the specified position, so that the pipe system in the environmental conditions have full compensation capacity.

(7)Compensator all active components shall not be external components jammed or limit its range of activities, should ensure that the normal action of the active parts.

(8)The hydraulic test, should be equipped with the compensator pipeline end of the second fixed pipe frame for reinforcement so that the pipeline does not move or rotate. For the gas medium compensator and its connecting pipeline, pay attention to the need for additional temporary support when filling with water. The 96 chloride ion content of the water cleaning solution for the hydraulic test should not exceed 25PPM.

(9)After the end of the hydraulic test, should be as soon as possible to drain the wave shell in the water and quickly blow dry the inner surface of the wave shell.

(10)And compensator bellows contact insulation materials should not contain chlorine.

Project case

Tanzania Water Project

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The customer sent us the installation pictures of the WESDOM product in the working condition project, and the feedback quality is very good, and will maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with WESDOM;

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