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Resilient Seated Gate Valve


Resilient seated gate valve product description:

DN450 Resilient Seated Gate Valve

Resilient Seated gate valves are in compliance with the latest edition of BS/ DIN / ISO /ASME B16.34,etc.

WESDOM Resilient seated gate valve are reliable, offering a tight shut-off and low pressure drop. Resilient seated gate valve design covers a wide range of requirements to meet any customer need from general to severe service conditions.om

DN450 Resilient Seated Gate Valve

Resilient Seated gate valves installation and commissioning:

Serious warning:

Resilient seated gate valve Prior to installation make sure that all pressurised lines involved in the installation are isolated, depressurised and drained before starting any work.

Failure to do so may result in sudden pressure release and subsequent severe injury or death.

The following should be noted for installation and maintenance of gate valves:

1.Resilient Seated Gate valves must be protected from damage during transportation, loading and handling.

Lifting by means of a crane or any other lifting device should only be done using the flange

holes, lifting eyes or appropriate straps. Never suspend the valve in a handwheel, gearbox or


2.Resilient Seated Gate Valve Before installation, a visual check must be performed.

Special attention should be paid to checking the stem, valve seat area, flanges and coating.

Look for defects, bended or out of place parts, dents, scratches and other damages. Actions should be taken to repair or replace the valves if any defects are detected.

3.In use, gate valves are only used for full opening or closing, and partial opening and closing are not allowed to be used to adjust the flow rate to prevent the sealing surface from being easily damaged when the medium flow rate is high.

4.The gate valve should be oiled in the rotating part, and the trapezoidal thread part of the stem should be oiled to lubricate it, which is convenient for rotation and corrosion protection.

5.Gate valve installation to clean the inner cavity and sealing surface,  do not allow dirt attachment.

6.Check that the connecting bolts are tightened evenly.

7.Check that the packing is pressed, and ensure that the packing is sealed and does not hinder the stem rotation.

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