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What are the methods to remove check valve troubleshooting?


What are the methods to remove check valve troubleshooting?

Installation and maintenance

①The exhaust check valve is installed vertically on the horizontal pipe and is generally in full open condition.

②Lift vertical valve shall be installed on vertical pipe, lift horizontal valve and rotary check valve shall be installed on horizontal pipe.

③Note that the flow direction mark on the valve is consistent with the medium flow direction before installation.

④The media passing through the pipeline should not have hard particles to avoid damaging the sealing surface

⑤Proper packing protection, shock protection and collision prevention in cylinder parts;

⑥Valve should be placed smoothly, pneumatic drive device up, not mutually extruded.

⑦In use, attention should be paid to whether the valve has abnormal sound and vibration. In order to prevent the water hammer effect in the pipeline, attention should be paid to the pressure fluctuation of the pipeline medium.

What are the methods to remove check valve troubleshooting?

What is check valve installation and maintenance?

Common faults and troubleshooting methods:

Common faultsCommon faultsExclusion methods
Disc not open or closedThe rocker is too tight with the pin shaft or foreign body is stuckChecking coordination
 Foreign body blocking in valveElimination of foreign bodies
Leakage at valve body and bonnet connectionUnfastened connection boltsUniformly tighten
 Flange seal damageRe-repair
 Gasket rupture or failureReplacement of new gaskets
Valves are loud andvibratingValve position too close to pumpRe-install proper location
Common faults and troubleshooting methods

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