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Pakistan client visited our head office in Zhengzhou

Pakistan client visited our head office in Zhengzhou. Not only to check our products, also experienced the Shaolin culture in Henan!

Go abroad to Pakistan for customer’s project

There was problems encountered in Pakistan customer’s project. Mr Han, our general manager immediately decided to visit our customer to solve it. Though closely coordination, we tackled the problem perfectly. And this project continued as well.

Choose Wesdom, choose Trust.

Pictures of customers visiting Lahore, Pakistan

In 2018, Pakistan cleints visited our water meter factory in Lianyungang. The good quality and high quality services win clients' trust. Now every year the purchase volume more than USD 200000.

Choose Wesdom, choose Quality.

Customer from Philippines

In 2019, Philippines' clients visited our Tianjin Factory for wafer type butterfly valves. After checked quality of our products and strength of our factory, clients immediately decided to build long term corpoation with WESDOM.

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