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WESDOM GROUP visits customers in Istanbul

From October 25th to October 28th, after the four-day exhibition, Wesdom Group visited customers in Istanbul.
The client company has two factories of its own in Istanbul, which mainly produce valves. After detailed conversations, we learned that the client company has been established for many years and mainly focuses on projects. It operates many types of products and industries - building water supply and drainage. It is involved in , industry, marine and other fields, and its products are exported to many countries.

Through the customer's product list, we provided the customer with different solutions and gave a reasonable product quotation. Although there was negotiation between both parties, we finally reached a consensus and the customer ordered 50 DN100 corner styles from wesdom. Float valve, 100 DN80 2-piece stainless steel threaded ball valves and 30 DN200 gray iron stop valves.

During this visit to the customer, wesdom group had a relatively smooth conversation with the customer, because it was not the first time that the customer had cooperated with wesdom. They were very satisfied with the quality of wesdom's products and the overall service, so through during this visit, the customer would order so many products at once without hesitation. This is not only an affirmation of wesdom, but also a trust in wesdom.

Wesdom Group has strict requirements on itself in terms of products and services, striving to achieve high product quality, cost-effective product prices, and high-quality services.
We do not pursue high profits, but only pursue providing customers with a more secure experience.

Visit customers in Ankara, Turkey - visit their store

This is wesdom’s new customer from the exhibition. The customer is a very talented dealer. He has a company in a hardware market in Ankara. He has a small water pump shop, a factory that produces pumps, and also has a follow-up company. A store of other partners that sells valves and pipe fittings. And the products sold are also very complete.

Customers told us that their sales customers have a very large demand for valves and fittings for water systems, so they need to purchase a large amount of related products, but they have not yet imported from China and have contacted some trade companies from China before. However, due to price, product quality and other reasons, no cooperation was established. This time I saw our samples and product brochures at the exhibition, and I was quite satisfied with our products.

After understanding the customer's needs in detail, we provided them with corresponding solutions to their problems, which ultimately led to our cooperation. Because it is our first time to cooperate, the order this time is not too big, but we believe that after receiving wesdom's products, customers will lose all their previous concerns and have more cooperation with wesdom.

Customer from Yemen visited our factory for water meter

In April 2023, the Yemen customer visited our factory in Dalian for the new water meters order. For this china trip, he firstly attended the exhibition in shanghai China, then visited our Dalian factory to investigate the strength of the factory and confirm the product quality. In our workshop, we introduced and shown the production and assembly process of the water meters and the quality control of each components of water meters, which has been highly recognized by customers.

Client in Ethiopia Yaxin Gaardo visited our head office in Zhengzhou

In February 2023, Yaxin Gaardo who comes from Ethiopia visited our head office in Zhengzhou. The client graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and also has an office in Yiwu, China. The client is the person in charge of the local water conservancy project and mainly cooperates with the local tax bureau.

Therefore, the client needs to purchase a large number of pipe fittings for the project and comes to our company for a visit. The purpose is to inspect our factory, Yaxin Gaardo mainly investigated the strength of our factory, production capacity and quality control three aspects. After visiting our company, Yaxin Gaardo has a certain understanding of the company’s strength and product information. Then he also went to the factory for a field visit and praised the quality of our products. He said: ‘I have a deep impression of your company’s strict quality control system’. After the visit, the customer purchased a large number of pipe fittings from our company and established a long-term cooperative relationship.

The client learns more about the size of the factory and the quality control system based on the product brochures, then expresses appreciation and recognition.

Then the manager took the client to taste the Chinese characteristic food and feel the Chinese food culture. The client's visit came to a perfect end.

Go abroad to Pakistan for customer’s project

WESDOM GROUP members Sales Manager Mico Wesley and Willa Sales,Technical Director Lu Yan visited our Malaysian customer in December 2022 and visited the customer's factory to learn about the use of valves in their projects and to give them advice and support on the use and maintenance of their valves!

Pakistan client visited our head office in Zhengzhou

Pakistan client visited our head office in Zhengzhou. Not only to check our products, also experienced the Shaolin culture in Henan!

Go abroad to Pakistan for customer’s project

There was problems encountered in Pakistan customer’s project. Mr Han, our general manager immediately decided to visit our customer to solve it. Though closely coordination, we tackled the problem perfectly. And this project continued as well.

Choose Wesdom, choose Trust.

Pictures of customers visiting Lahore, Pakistan

In 2018, Pakistan cleints visited our water meter factory in Lianyungang. The good quality and high quality services win clients' trust. Now every year the purchase volume more than USD 200000.

Choose Wesdom, choose Quality.

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