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WN Flange

WN Flange

Size: 1/2”~96”

Pressure Rating: PN10-PN100,150LB-600LB,10K-20K

Material: Q235, SS304,SS316, SS304L, SS316L

Design Standard: ANSI/ASME B16.5, BS4505, DIN2576,DIN2632,EN1092, JIS/KS

Application medium: For Water, Oil and Gas Industrial

Application Temperature: 0-500℃

Applied projects: Pipe connection

Weld Neck Flange is flanges that designed to be joined to a piping system by butt welding.


Product details

Weld Neck Flange is flanges that designed to be joined to a piping system by butt welding.

This kind offlange include lots of specification, Weld neck Flange is expensive because of its long neck and cost of people for contact WN flange with pipeline or fitting but is preferred for high stress applications. The necks, or hubs, transmits stresses to the pipeline.

Weld Neck Flange:

A weld neck flange is a type of steel flange designed to transfer stresses to the pipe to reduce high stress concentrations at the base of the flange. Compared with other types,weld neck flanges are know for their tapered hub and gentle transition from flange thickness to pipe wall thickness. They are deformation-resistant, and are normally used for high pressure piping system, high or low temperature conditions

Weld Neck Pipe Flanges Definition:

A weld neck flange (WN flange) means a flange has a neck for weld with the pipe, it is easily to recognized by their long tapered neck on the flange (The neck is also called hub in the weld neck flange). The tapered neck can supply a high strength reinforcement to support flange and pipe. It means the weld neck flange is suitable to used in high pressure and extremely temperature situation.

Connection of Weld Neck Flange:

The weld neck flange is connected with the pipe from the neck in butt welding method, that means the neck should be have same material and same outer diameter and wall thickness with the pipe. The butt welding joint could provide a strong connection between the pipes and flanges which is better for high pressure application.

Sealing Face of Welding Neck Flange: 

With a neck on one side of the flange, the other side of the flange is sealing face, which are between the two flanges joint. WN flange usually supplied with flat face (FF), raised face(RF) and ring type joint (RTJ). The raised face has a height on the flange rather than the flat face, the RTJ face is used to contain the gasket ring which are specially for high pressure application.

Advantages of Weld Neck Flanges:

(1)The weld neck flange is suitable to used for high pressure, high temperature, low temperature situation because of the butt welding connection method.

(2)The weld neck flange has a good excellent stress distribution by its tapered neck .

(3)The butt welding joint can be inspected easily ,for example the radiography testing.


Brand Name
Product name
ASME B16.5 cl 150 Stainless Steel Stub End Flange rf Lap Joint Flange
Flange Type
Lap Joint Flange
Stainless Steel 304/316/304L/316L


Stainless Steel Flanges Series
Overview Quick Details
Product name: Stainless Steel Seamless/Welded Reducer
Model Number: Welding Neck Flange Technics: Forged/Casting
Connection: Welded Type: PL,WN,SO,BL,FF,RF..
Standard: ASTM A312,ANSI B16.9,EN ,DIN ,GOST ,JIS….
Size: 1/2″-36″  DN15-DN900 Surface: Rust-proof oil, Galvanized
Pressure: PN6-PN250/CL150-CL1500 Special Design: Produce according to your drawings required
Application: Petroleum, gas, chemical,metallurgy, construction Package: Plywood cases or Pallets
Product Description
Product name: Stainless Steel SS304 SS316 Butt Weld Welding Neck Pipe Flange
Size: From 1/2″ to 36″  DN15-DN900
Pressure: PN6-PN250/CL150-CL1500
Standard: ASTM A312,ANSI B16.9,EN ,GB, DIN ,GOST ,JIS304/304L,316/316L,904L TP321,TP317/317H…
Surface: Rust-proof oil, Galvanized
Application: Petroleum, gas, chemical,metallurgy, construction
Package: shrink wrapped-carton-pallet or in seaworthy wooden cased,or as request
Remark: Special design is available as customers’ requirement

WN flange

Pipe Size
Outside Dia
of Flange
Thick of
Dia of
Raised Face
Dia of
Hub at Base
Dia of
Hub at End
thru Hub
No of
Dia of
Dia of
Dia of
Bolt Circle
1/2 120.7 22.4 35.1 38.1 21.3 60.5 4 22.4 3/4 82.6 2
3/4 130 25.4 42.9 44.5 26.7 69.9 4 22.4 3/4 88.9 3
1 149.4 28.4 50.8 52.3 33.5 73.2 4 25.4 7/8 101.6 4
1-1/4 158.8 28.4 63.5 63.5 42.2 73.2 4 25.4 7/8 111.3 5
1-1/2 177.8 31.8 73.2 69.9 48.3 82.6 4 28.4 1 124 6
2 215.9 38.1 91.9 104.6 60.5 101.6 8 25.4 7/8 165.1 11
2-1/2 244.3 41.1 104.6 124 73.2 104.6 8 28.4 1 190.5 16
3 266.7 47.8 127 133.4 88.9 117.3 8 31.8 1-1/8 203.2 22
4 311.2 53.8 157.2 162.1 114.3 124 8 35.1 1-1/4 241.3 33
5 374.7 73.2 185.7 196.9 141.2 155.4 8 41.1 1-1/2 292.1 59
6 393.7 82.6 215.9 228.6 168.4 171.5 12 38.1 1-3/8 317.5 75
8 482.6 91.9 269.7 292.1 219.2 212.9 12 44.5 1-5/8 393.7 125



wesdom gate valve

Project case

Pakistan Cardboard Factory

Main products:

DIN SS316 seamless pipes, DIN SS316 fittings, DIN SS316 flanges, SS knife gate valves, SS316 ball valves

Project description:

This customer is the owner of a cardboard factory in Pakistan. The factory needs a lot of pipe fittings and valves. He also compared more than a dozen valve companies online, and then was deeply moved by the professional expression and enthusiasm of the business personnel of the WESDOM international department in final. And they choose to cooperate with WESDOM. Although it is the first time to cooperate with each other, but the final customer also gave us a high evaluation, WESDOM is very good!

Project pictures:

Product packaging and transportation


wesdom gate valve



This weld neck flange is used in various industries like :

(1)Stainless steel weld neck flanges uses in oil and gas pipeline;

(2)Weld neck raised face flanges uses in chemical industry;

(3)Alloy steel WNRF flanges uses in plumbing;

(4)Flat fced weld neck flanges uses in heating;

(5)Weld neck pipe flanges uses in water supply systems;

(6)ANSI B16.5 weld neck forged flanges uses in power plant;

(7)Weld neck plate flanges uses in Paper & Pulp industry;

(8)Weld neck flange uses in general purpose applications;

(9)Steel weld neck flanges uses in fabrication industry;

(10)Weld neck flange uses in food processing industry;

(11)Weld neck flanges uses in structural pipe;

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