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What should be paid attention to when the valve is repaired under pressure?


Repairing valves under pressure is a complicated, dangerous and highly technical work. In addition to being bold, careful, cautious and decisive, maintenance of valves under pressure should also have a strict scientific attitude. Especially in the plugging work of explosive, highly toxic, high temperature, high pressure, radioactive and other media, it should be carried out in strict accordance with the pre-determined plan and relevant safety regulations.

When maintaining the valve under pressure, the following items should be paid attention to:

1. During the maintenance process, strictly abide by the relevant safety operation regulations such as fire prevention, anti-virus, and explosion-proof.

2. Before dealing with the defects of the pressure valve, a treatment plan should be proposed, and the consent of the safety technician and the cooperation of the operator should be obtained. The handling of important parts must go through joint research and go through procedures such as fire tickets and poison tickets according to regulations before we can start to deal with valve defects.

3. The work of dealing with defects should be performed by maintenance personnel with rich practical experience. The on-site personnel should not be too many and there should be 1 to 2 special guardians.

4. There should be careful safety measures to have the ability to deal with the worst case. Maintenance personnel and on-site personnel should wear protective work clothes, shoes and hats, gloves and protective glasses according to the protective measures for flammable, explosive, high temperature and high pressure, toxic, highly toxic, and strong corrosive media. Toxic and highly toxic valve maintenance should also wear a gas mask.

5. In the process of dealing with valve defects, safety baffles should be installed, and at the same time, caution and carefulness should be observed, and the procedures should be carried out according to the prescribed plan.

6. Before tightening the thread, add kerosene to clean and infiltrate the rusted thread to check whether the bolts and nuts are complete; add rust loosening liquid or a layer of graphite powder to lubricate the thread. When tightening the nuts, do not tighten them too hard to prevent the bolts from breaking.

7. When welding the valve, follow the welding operation rules. The metal should be prevented from overheating and deforming, creating new cracks. If new leakage occurs in the caulked part, it is not advisable to caulk it again, so as not to expand the leakage defect.

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